✨VIBES✨ Rolling Papers: The Newest Kid On The Block


VIBES has come a long way in a short time. The swift rise in popularity of this new rolling paper brand is in part due to the fast-growing demand for high-quality smoking papers made with superior materials, to meet the needs of the new cannabis culture.
The popularity and accomplishments of the brand’s co-founder - CEO, rapper, cannabis-pioneer and entrepreneur Berner -who earned his cannabis-stripes at an early age- certainly helped propel VIBES to the forefront of today’s cannabis industry more rapidly than anyone could have imagined.

Berner, the man behind Cookies SF and ✨VIBES✨

Before launching his new brand of top-notch rolling papers, Berner (Gilbert Milam) had already earned his stripes in the cannabis industry, rising through the ranks at a Californian dispensary. Starting out as an 18-year-old budtender, he made it all the way through to store manager. All the skills he learned in his early days, he put to action in creating his own strains, through his association with the ‘Cookies Family’, who created the now-classic Californian cannabis strains ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ and ‘Gelato’.

His career as a “serial entrepreneur”, as he himself describes it, started to pick up steam in earnest when he opened his first ‘Cookies Clothing Store’ in San Francisco, back in 2015. This turned out to be the golden ticket to promote his line of cannabis strains. His parallel career as an established rap artist brought the “Cookies Empire” even more success.

Now cannabis royalty, and his lifestyle brand Cookies SF an international emporium with multiple retail stores in the US, Canada and Europe , it was time for Berner to focus on that other essential smoking tool: smoking papers.


What makes ✨VIBES✨ Rolling Papers so much better than the rest?

✨VIBES✨ Rolling Papers are a superior product because they’re made with only the finest all-natural ingredients. The paper itself is cultivated and crafted in France and then cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic.

These high-quality materials are guaranteed to provide a slow and even burn and elevate the flavour experience of whatever strain you roll into your joint.

The collection includes cones and papers made out of ultra-thin unbleached wood pulp, hemp, and rice paper.


Consistent craftsmanship, different experience

Though all ✨VIBES✨ products provide an elevated smoking experience, there are some underlying characteristics that set the different kinds of ✨VIBES✨ papers apart:

✨VIBES✨ Ultra Thin Rolling Papers

As one of the lightest smokable materials available, these ultra-thin unbleached wood pulp papers burn evenly and smoothly. They are double-pressed and their texture enables them to maintain their shape under any circumstance. They are extremely easy to handle and allow the flavour of the herb to speak for itself, without giving off that typical “paper taste”.

✨VIBES✨ Hemp Rolling Papers

The 100%, all-natural hemp fibre used in these smoking papers provides the smoothest smoking experience of the three. It also blesses your joint with structural integrity you wouldn’t expect from such a thin product and guarantees a nice and even burn without influencing the flavour of your favourite herb.

✨VIBES✨ Rice Rolling Papers

The ✨VIBES✨ rice papers burn slower than their wood pulp or hemp counterparts, which makes them the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy extra-long smoking sessions.

All ✨VIBES✨ papers are calcium carbonate-free and feature an all-natural sealing gum from the Acacia tree.


Size does matter when it comes to smoking paper

All ✨VIBES✨ Rolling Papers come in an array of different sizes and shapes, to facilitate all smoking habits and needs.

For instance, if you are only an occasional smoker or like to roll a smaller, pure joint, then the 1 1/4 size smoking paper might be a good fit for you. The ✨VIBES✨ 1 ¼ paper is the same length and width as “regular” smoking paper (77mm x 45mm) you can buy at any supermarket. The 1 1/4 papers come in 2 versions: with a booklet of filter tips included in the package, or without.

But if you are an avid smoker and like to go big, you should go for the king-size version. That way you can be sure you are fully satisfied when you take that last toke. This size is also better suited for sharing in large groups. For those who like ‘skinny joints’, there’s a king-size slim version available (109mm x 44mm), that comes in a filter tip booklet edition as well.

If perchance you don’t feel like rolling yourself and want to get puffin’ with minimal fuss, you should definitely go for the ✨VIBES✨ pre-rolled cones. These come in three different sizes; King-size, the 1 1/4 version and an extra-wide version called the Cubano. All these pre-rolls have a pre-inserted filter tip included in every cone.


The Cubano: The widest pre-rolled cone in its size

The ✨VIBES✨ Cubano cones are something special indeed. These extra-wide cones are perfect for parties because they hold up to 8 grams of dried flower!

Of course, you might have already seen ‘party cones’ before. Those insanely long, supersized cones that hold an outrageous amount of herb and get passed around in large groups. The problem with those party cones is that they may look cool, but they are also ungainly as all hell, and usually can’t bear the load. If not handled properly, they will break or bend at the filter tip.

This doesn’t happen with the ✨VIBES✨ Cubano cones. They are as long as any normal joint but tapered into an extra-wide end - this means they’ll never lose their structural integrity.

Some describe the experience of smoking a Cubano as smoking a Cuban cigar instead of an everyday joint. Both because it looks massive, but it also takes a while to finish due to the slow-burning properties of the paper.

Bring a Cubano to the party and you’ll be the centre of attention, hands down, guaranteed.

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