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African dream herb (Entada rheedii)

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Entada rheedii seeds are also known as African Dream Herb beans or sea beans. They are large flat seeds, shiny dark chocolate in color. They can be found washed up on beaches throughout the world, most frequently on the east coast of southern Africa.

Originally Entada rheedii seeds come from trees and vines that appear from near Durban (South Africa) northwards throughout tropical Africa and into India, Asia and Australia. The seeds fall from their parent plant into waterways such as rivers, then drift through inlets to reach the ocean. They float because of the internal air pocket within the seed.

The extraordinarily large seeds are carried or worn on necklaces and pendants as lucky charms or talismans. Some say that good luck begins within 2 hours of receiving an Entada rheedii bean. But tobacco made from the white inside of this seed has been used for ages to help induce vivid dreaming.

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