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Herbs | Energy - Psychedelic - Love - Relax


Sometimes your body needs a little bit of extra fuel. These herbs are known for…

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Herbs and herbal extracts known for promoting a sensual state of mind and…

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If there's anything we're naturally good at here at Azarius, it's relaxing our…

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Who doesn't want to take a trip without moving an inch? These psychedelic herbs…

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Some cultures see dreams as a means of communicating with the spirits of…

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This category contains herbs associated with ayahuasca, including the popular…

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Capsule machines

Empty capsules and capsule machines to put your own herbal blends in - the…

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Herbs | Energy - Psychedelic - Love - Relax

Herbs are our bread and butter. We travel great lengths to gather unique herbs from all over the world. Herbs that enrich your life through psychedelic, energizing, aphrodisiac, relaxing or dream-inducing effects.

The biggest selection of smartshop herbs

Azarius has been collecting herbs since 1999, which has led to an unmatched high-quality selection. At this point, we can proudly say we're true herb connoisseurs.

Psychonauts can't do without Azarius!

Herbs & Love

We put a lot of love in everything we do, but especially the herbs. We pack and produce most of what you see on the site ourselves, so we can better regulate the quality and consistency of our products. That's very much a labour of love.

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