How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Learn how to store magic mushrooms properly with our guide. Discover the best methods for drying and preserving potency using chocolate and honey.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Experienced psychonauts recognize that ingesting magic mushrooms can bring about remarkable transformation. But what happens when the trip is over and you have some leftover shrooms? To ensure the potency of your shrooms, we'll explore various methods for storing them long-term.

First, we'll discuss why proper storage is essential for maintaining the potency of your shrooms. Then, we'll dive into different methods of drying your mushrooms, including air drying and using a food dehydrator. We'll also look into how to store fresh mushrooms if you don't wish to dry them.

Next up, we'll talk about how to properly store dried shrooms in airtight containers like mason jars or vacuum-sealed bags. We'll go over the benefits of each method and which one might work best for your needs.

We won't forget about freezing, either! Freezing can be another great option for long-term storage if done correctly. We will provide tips on how to freeze your magic mushrooms without damaging their active ingredients.

By following our advice on storing magic mushrooms properly, you can ensure that they retain their potency and remain safe for consumption months down the line!

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Why Proper Storage of Magic Mushrooms is Important

Magic mushrooms possess a psychedelic component stemming from psilocybin, the active substance present in them. Proper storage is essential for preserving potency and preventing spoilage. Storing magic mushrooms correctly can help maintain their natural properties and prevent any loss of potency over time.

When storing fresh magic mushrooms, it’s important to keep them away from direct sunlight or heat sources, as these can cause rapid deterioration. It’s also important to store them in an airtight container with a lid that seals properly to retain moisture and keep out oxygen which will break down the active ingredients in the mushroom. Refrigeration or freezing is also recommended if you plan on storing your mushrooms for more than a few days, as this will slow down any degradation process.

For those in a hurry, using a food dehydrator or the desiccant method (employing silica gel) are faster alternatives to air-drying magic mushrooms. Air drying is one of the most popular methods, but it does take longer compared to other methods, like using a dehydrator which speeds up the process significantly by removing moisture quickly without damaging the mushroom structure itself. The desiccant method uses silica gel packets placed inside an airtight container along with your shrooms – this absorbs all excess moisture while keeping out oxygen which helps preserve its potency over time.

Once dried, storing your shrooms in vacuum-sealed bags with oxygen absorbers can further extend shelf life while protecting against mould growth and oxidation damage caused by exposure to light and humidity levels above 50%. Mason jars are another great option because they provide an airtight seal when closed tightly; however, make sure not to fill them too full so that there’s still some room left at the top for proper circulation within the jar itself.

Proper storage of magic mushrooms is important to ensure that they remain potent and safe for consumption. Drying them is one way to store them properly, so let's explore the various methods available for drying magic mushrooms.

Drying Magic Mushrooms

Drying magic mushrooms is an essential step to ensure the potency and shelf life of your shrooms. Drying magic mushrooms can be accomplished in three different ways, each offering its own advantages.

The air-drying method is the simplest way to dry your fresh shrooms. All you need is a fan and some mesh or cheesecloth to hang them from. Hang the fresh fungi from a mesh or cheesecloth in an airy area not exposed to direct sunlight. The fan will help circulate air around the mushrooms, speeding up their drying process without damaging any active ingredients within them. This method works best when done over several days so that all moisture can be removed properly and evenly throughout each mushroom cap and stem.

Another popular option for drying magic mushrooms is using a food dehydrator. Dehydrators use heat combined with circulating air to draw moisture away from whatever item you’re trying to dry - in this case, your magic mushrooms. You simply place your freshly picked shrooms onto trays designed specifically for food dehydration, set it at a low temperature (around 95°F) and let it run until they reach desired levels of crispiness (usually about 4-6 hours). This method ensures that no active ingredients are damaged while also providing more consistent results than air drying alone could achieve.

The final option for drying magic mushrooms is using desiccants like silica gel packets found at most grocery stores or online retailers selling mushroom growing supplies. Desiccants absorb excess moisture from whatever object they come into contact with - in this case, our beloved fungi friends. Simply place silica gel packets inside an airtight container along with your freshly harvested shrooms; seal tightly shut; wait 24 hours before opening again; check on progress; repeat, as needed, until the desired level of crispiness, has been achieved (usually 1-2 days). Unlike other methods mentioned above, desiccant packs do not damage any active ingredients while still removing all unwanted moisture efficiently and effectively - making it one of the preferred options amongst experienced psychonauts alike.

Once the mushrooms have been dried, proper storage is essential to maintain their potency and freshness. To ensure this is done properly, it's important to understand how to store them correctly using refrigeration/freezing, mason jars or ziplock bags with desiccants, and vacuum-sealed bags with oxygen absorbers.

How to Store Dried Magic Mushrooms

Storing dried magic mushrooms correctly is essential to preserve their potency over time. Refrigeration and freezing are two of the most popular methods for storing dried shrooms. For optimal preservation, store dried shrooms in an airtight container or bag with a tight lid to keep out moisture and other impurities. Containers such as Mason jars or ziplock bags with desiccants can be employed to maintain the freshness of your shrooms over an extended period, by absorbing any extra humidity that may harm them. Vacuum-sealed bags with oxygen absorbers are another great option for keeping your shrooms fresh for longer periods of time since they'll prevent oxidation from occurring, which can degrade active ingredients like psilocybin.

When it comes to preserving potency, some people swear by using chocolate or honey as preservatives when storing their magic mushrooms. Chocolate's natural antioxidants can help to preserve the mushrooms when stored correctly in a container which is not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Honey has similar properties, and its antibacterial properties may even help protect against mould growth on your stash if kept at room temperature inside an airtight container or jar with a lid that seals tightly shut.

For those wanting to cultivate their own psilocybin-containing fungi, Third Wave's Grow Kit provides an economical way to do so with the necessary materials and instructions included. The kit includes everything you need - substrate material, spore syringe solution, humidity tent - plus detailed instructions on how best to set up your environment for optimal mushroom growth success. So whether you're looking just to store what you have now safely and effectively or want to get started growing yourself – these tips should give you all the information needed.

Proper storage of dried magic mushrooms is essential to preserving their potency and freshness. To maximize the freshness of your dried magic mushrooms, consider using preservatives such as chocolate or honey.


In conclusion, storing magic mushrooms is an important step to ensure they are safe and effective when used. By following the instructions provided, you can guarantee your magic mushrooms will remain potent and fresh for extended periods of time. It's also important to practice caution when handling these substances by wearing gloves and using proper storage containers or bags. Taking the right precautions, such as using gloves and proper storage containers or bags, will ensure that your magic mushrooms stay potent and fresh for a long time.

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