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Tripping for gourmets with Baked Live


“The aim is to get high,” chef Noah tells us. Today we’re trying out a haute cuisine dinner with psychoactive ingredients.

In general psychedelics aren’t well-known for their taste, to put it mildly. Taking them can be a real hassle. Noah: “Why not prevent that struggle by creating some real nice dishes around them?”

Guinea pigs

Baked Live is an independent event that took place the 21st of March. With several test rounds, preparations are not taken lightly.

A couple of weeks before my colleagues and I serve as guinea pigs. Noah: “don’t worry, it’s the sixth time already!” By now he refined both taste combinations and dosage to effect. “We’ve seen both ends of the spectrum: evenings where not much happened and evenings where people had difficulty staying seated as they were tripping balls.”

Baked Live

Magic herb box

We decide to trust the chef with his magic box full of herbs. All products he uses are legal and supplied by Azarius: kanna, kratom, Syrian rue, Passionflower, truffles and much more. We will only have three courses. At the real event it’s gonna be six! The three of us all opt for the vegetarian menu.

Smart start(er)

The starter is a real work of art: risotto balls dipped in a powerful licorice sauce - masking the Syrian rue it’s containing. The veggies are sprinkled with kanna extract and the dish is completed with hemp seeds.

And it doesn’t just look nice. We’re happily surprised by the refined palette of taste sensations: this guy can cook!

Baked Live

At Azarius we advise not to combine MAOI’s (like Syrian Rue) with SRI’s (like kanna), but Noah reassures: dosages are mild.

You could call it smart for a change: the MAO-inhibitor enhances the effect of almost all the other substances, so less is needed for the same result. Noah: “For the same reason I mainly work with extracts.”

Fuzzy feelings

“You will feel a bit fuzzy within twenty minutes,” he warns. We take note of the time and indeed: fuzzy is the right word. It’s subtle but my perception is definitely shifting. A colleague notes she feels happy and talkative: “That’s the kanna!” she smiles, “But the nice atmosphere also helps.”

Truffle me up

Meanwhile Noah is preparing the second course. One, two, three Hollandia truffles I count being grated above my dish. The veggies are steamed with “a nice sativa” from his UFO-shaped vaporizer.

Baked Live

Again the food is delicious: you wouldn’t say you were eating anything psychedelic. Instead we feel spoiled by the delightful exclusiveness of the dinner. We’re convinced: this is the new way to trip!

Shortly afterwards: a first wave of nausea. Maybe there was a point in eating shrooms on an empty stomach? The waves come and go. For my colleagues as well. I’m surprised by the effect of three little truffles: I’m really tripping! It must be the Syrian Rue. We all become a bit giggly.

Kratom in the mix

When dessert arrives, a chocolate cake sprinkled with kratom extract, I hesitate: should we add even more to this mix? I’m already quite wobbly… I decide not to be chicken-hearted. Luckily the effect of the kratom is mild, and - as Noah predicted - relaxing.

All pictures by Floris Leeuwenberg

Written by: Juniper

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