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Potcoins for potheads


Good news for the cannabis-minded: Azarius now accepts Potcoin. This new ‘crypto-currency’ is specifically designed to “empower, secure and facilitate the cannabis community”.

As with bitcoins there is no central bank distributing or controlling the money stream. Instead the Potcoin flows through a decentralized peer to peer system. The Potcoin system is not only independent, but also runs globally.

You can generate your own wallet online. There you will receive both a private and a public address. Once people start transferring Potcoins to your wallet, you will be able to spend them on cannabis products all over the world.

It is also possible to grow your own pot(coins), a process more generally known as ‘mining’. But beware! Next to being a pothead you also need to be a bit of a geek for this.

The developers aim to connect all those favouring cannabis legalization and create an industry-specific crypto-currency. This would facilitate and secure transactions within the cannabis community worldwide.

Azarius supports these alternative money systems: both bitcoins and Potcoins are accepted methods for paying in our online store.

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