Georgia Pie Strain

The delicious aroma of Georgia Pie Strain, a potent hybrid marijuana strain that smells and tastes just like fresh peach cobbler. Get all the details on this powerful strain.

Georgia Pie Strain
Georgia Pie Strain

If you're looking for a powerful hybrid marijuana strain that packs an intense high, look no further than the Georgia Pie strain. Bred by Seed Junkie Genetics, this delicious-smelling and tasting cannabis is sure to delight even those with a high THC tolerance. In this article we'll take a closer look at what makes the Georgia Pie strain so special - from growing tips to potential side effects.

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Overview of Georgia Pie Strain

Georgia Pie Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the genetics of two powerhouse strains: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Face Off OG. This strain offers an uplifting and energetic high, making it perfect for daytime use. The aroma of Georgia Pie is sweet with hints of earthy pine, while its flavor has notes of vanilla and berry.


The genetics behind the Georgia Pie Strain are quite impressive; this powerful hybrid was created by combining two very popular strains - Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Face Off OG. Both parents have won multiple awards in their respective categories, so you know you’re getting quality when you purchase this strain.

Aroma & Flavor:

When smoking or vaping Georgia Pie, users will notice a pleasant sweet smell with undertones of earthy pine. On the inhale, users will experience flavors reminiscent to vanilla ice cream with hints of berries on the exhale. Many describe these flavors as being similar to those found in classic desserts like peach cobbler or apple pie.


This hybrid provides consumers with an uplifting yet relaxed sensation that allows them to stay productive throughout their day without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about any task at hand. Consumption should be kept in moderation to ensure the effects last up to three hours. Additionally, some report experiencing mild visual distortions such as enhanced colors or shapes when consuming higher doses; however, these effects should subside shortly after consumption ends.

The Georgia Pie strain is a balanced hybrid with an uplifting and relaxing high, making it the perfect choice for recreational users. With its unique genetics and flavor profile, this strain can be quite rewarding to grow if you have the right climate conditions.

Growing Georgia Pie Strain

Growing Georgia Pie Strain requires a warm climate with plenty of sunlight and humidity. This strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors if the proper environment is provided. The flowering time for this strain is 8-10 weeks and yields are usually around 14 ounces per square meter indoors or 18 ounces per plant outdoors.

Georgia Pie Strain favors a daytime temperature range of 70-80°F (21-27°C) and nights around 60-70°F (15-21°C), with humidity levels between 40% - 50%, direct sunlight, and good air circulation. This strain needs plenty of direct sunlight throughout its growing cycle as well as good air circulation to prevent mold growth. Humidity levels should be kept between 40% - 50%.

The flowering time for Georgia Pie Strain is 8 – 10 weeks depending on the growing conditions and genetics used when cultivating this strain. When harvesting outdoor plants, growers should wait until late September/early October when buds have reached full maturity before cutting them down from their stems. Indoor plants will yield approximately 14 ounces per square meter after 8 – 10 weeks of flowering while outdoor plants will produce around 18 ounces per plant once fully mature in late autumn months

Georgia Pie Strain can be a great option for novice cultivators who want to start growing cannabis without too much difficulty, as it is fairly straightforward to cultivate and offers bountiful yields when grown in the right environment - both indoors and out.

Growing Georgia Pie Strain is a great choice for those looking to cultivate an aromatic and flavorful strain with high yields. With its many benefits, it's no wonder why the Georgia Pie strain has become so popular among cannabis users. Let's take a look at some of the potential health advantages this strain can offer.

Side Effects of Georgia Pie Strain

Before consuming cannabis, users should be cognizant of the potential side effects that may arise from its use, including those associated with the Georgia Pie strain. The Georgia Pie strain is no exception, and users should know what they may experience before using this strain.

Dry Mouth and Eyes:

One of the most common side effects associated with cannabis consumption is dry mouth and eyes. This occurs because when cannabinoids bind to receptors in the brain, saliva production decreases as a result. Users may also notice their eyes feeling dry or irritated due to decreased tear production. Drinking plenty of H2O prior to, during, and after cannabis consumption can help ease the effects of decreased saliva and tear production caused by cannabinoids binding to receptors in the brain.

As a professional with an IQ of 150, it is best to start low when consuming the Georgia Pie strain in order to reduce the risks associated with dizziness and paranoia. Gradually increasing doses over time may be necessary depending on user preference, but avoiding high concentrations/dosages altogether should always be preferred. Keywords: Professional, IQ, Dizziness, Paranoia, Start Low, Increase Doses Over Time

The side effects of Georgia Pie Strain should be taken into consideration before consuming it, as they can have a significant impact on your overall experience. With that being said, let's explore the different methods for consuming this strain and their respective benefits.

How to Consume Georgia Pie Strain


Smoking or vaping Georgia Pie strain is the most common way to consume it. The smoke produced by burning the buds of this cannabis strain is smooth and fragrant, with a hint of sweetness that’s unique to this particular variety. Vaping can provide an even more flavorful experience than smoking due to its ability to preserve terpenes better than combustion. For those looking for a more discreet consumption method, there are also pre-filled vape cartridges available in many dispensaries that contain pure oil extracted from Georgia Pie flowers.

Those who don’t want to inhale any smoke or vapor may prefer edibles and tinctures made with Georgia Pie extract as an alternative form of consumption. Edible products like gummies, chocolates, cookies and other treats can be infused with cannabis oil derived from this strain for an enjoyable eating experience without any inhalation required. Tinctures are another option that can be used for consuming cannabis without smoking; these liquid extracts can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added into food and beverages for easy ingestion.

Consuming Georgia Pie Strain can be done in a variety of ways, from smoking/vaping to edibles/tinctures. Let's now check out the outlets that offer Georgia Pie Strain and where it can be acquired.

FAQs in Relation to Georgia Pie Strain

Is Georgia Pie a good strain?

Georgia Pie is a hybrid strain that has been gaining popularity among young adults due to its unique flavor and aroma. Its effects are uplifting and energizing, making it great for daytime use. It also offers an intense body high that can help with stress relief and relaxation. Overall, Georgia Pie is a great strain with strong benefits that make it ideal for those looking to improve their well-being.

Is Georgia Pie Strain an indica or sativa dominant?

The Georgia Pie strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing the classic OG Kush with a special phenotype of Blueberry. This combination creates a powerful, long-lasting high that provides both physical and mental relaxation. The aroma of this strain is sweet and earthy, while its taste has hints of berry pie. This strain provides a potent and long-lasting high that is both calming and invigorating, perfect for those seeking stress relief without feeling overly sluggish.

Is Georgia Pie easy to grow?

Yes, Georgia Pie is relatively easy to grow. It requires minimal effort and attention compared to other strains of cannabis. The strain is renowned for its speedy flowering period and bountiful yield, making it a great option for those just beginning their journey into cultivation. With proper care and regular maintenance, you can expect your Georgia Pie plants to produce plenty of buds with an amazing aroma.

What strain makes you eat the most?

The strain of cannabis that is most likely to make you eat the most is Blue Dream. It has a high THC content and an earthy, sweet flavor profile that can stimulate appetite. This strain has been known to offer both mental and physical relaxation, making it great for those wishing to up their food intake while still feeling relaxed. Additionally, this strain provides a mild euphoria which may further enhance your hunger levels. Blue Dream is an ideal strain for those looking to increase their appetite and enjoy a pleasant, relaxing experience.


Its delicious aroma smells and tastes just like fresh peach cobbler, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy its effects without the harshness of other strains. With proper care when growing this plant, users will be able to experience all that the Georgia Pie Strain has to offer.