Super Lemon Haze

The unique and award-winning Super Lemon Haze strain! Learn about its zesty citrusy aromas and sweet lemonhead candy flavors.

Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze

Are you looking for an exciting and unique strain of cannabis? Look no further than Super Lemon Haze. It has zesty, citrusy aromas with tart and sweet lemonhead candy flavors. From its effects to growing it at home, there are many reasons why this strain should be on your radar. Learn more about the benefits of super lemon haze so that you can experience all that this amazing plant has to offer.

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Overview of Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze, an iconic strain of cannabis that has been around since the early 2000s, is renowned for its awards and accolades. It is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This award-winning strain has achieved fame and popularity due to its multiple Cannabis Cup wins.

History and Origin:

The history of Super Lemon Haze begins with its parent strains, Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. Super Silver Haze was developed in 1997, while Lemon Skunk was bred in 2008 from two different landrace varieties from Las Vegas, Nevada. When these two were combined to create Super Lemon Haze, it quickly became a hit among cannabis connoisseurs due to its unique flavor profile and uplifting high.

Genetics and Strain Type:

As mentioned before, Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid strain created from crossing Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk. This combination creates a Sativa-dominant hybrid that carries an average THC content ranging between 15% - 20%. Its effects are said to be unproblematic yet still quite powerful; providing users with an uplifting high that can help improve moods without being too overwhelming or intense for novice smokers.

The aroma of this strain will remind you of sweet lemon candy such as "Lemonheads" or "Sour Patch Kids" due to its thick layer of trichomes which produce pungent citrusy terpenes like limonene when combusted or vaporized correctly. The taste also follows suit, providing users with notes of tart lemons mixed with earthy undertones on each exhale; creating an extremely sweet experience overall that can leave your mouth feeling dry afterwards if not taken lightly.

Super Lemon Haze is an incredibly popular and powerful strain of cannabis, offering users a complex blend of citrusy flavors and energizing effects. This distinct hybrid has become a much sought-after strain in the cannabis world. Moving on to its effects, let's explore what Super Lemon Haze has to offer.

Effects of Super Lemon Haze

Mental Effects:

Super Lemon Haze is a potent strain of cannabis, and its effects can be quite intense. Super Lemon Haze can induce a sense of euphoria and creativity, as well as enhanced senses and increased focus. It has been reported that users may experience heightened senses such as sound or color being more vivid than usual. This strain also tends to bring about increased focus and productivity in those who consume it, making it great for tasks that require concentration or creative thinking.

Physical Effects:

Super Lemon Haze provides physical relief with its strong body buzz. Users report feelings of relaxation throughout their bodies while still retaining some energy which allows them to remain productive if desired. 

The duration of effects from Super Lemon Haze will depend on how much you consume at once but typically lasts between 1-3 hours depending on your tolerance level and individual metabolism rate. Generally speaking, the effects tend to peak within 30 minutes after consumption before gradually tapering off over time until they eventually wear off completely leaving you feeling relaxed yet energized.

The effects of Super Lemon Haze can be intense and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for experienced users. Cultivating Super Lemon Haze in the proper conditions and providing it with necessary nutrients can bring out its distinctive flavor.

Growing Super Lemon Haze

Climate Requirements:

This strain flourishes in balmy, bright climates with temperatures ranging from 65-80°F (18-27°C). If you live in an area with cooler temperatures or higher humidity levels, it’s best to grow this strain indoors.

Nutrient Requirements:

Super Lemon Haze requires moderate amounts of nutrients for optimal growth. Use a balanced nutrient solution throughout the vegetative and flowering stages to ensure healthy plants and high yields. Monitor your pH levels closely during these stages to avoid any nutrient deficiencies.

When harvesting Super Lemon Haze, it is important to wait until most of the trichomes have turned amber before cutting down your plants. This will give you maximum potency from this award-winning cannabis strain. It is advisable to wear gloves when handling buds because they can be sticky due to their thick layer of resin glands. Lastly, proper curing of the buds after harvest is necessary for an extra smooth smoke that won't dry out your eyes.

Growing Super Lemon Haze requires a specific climate and nutrient requirements for optimal growth, but the reward of harvesting this strain can be worth it.

Cooking with Super Lemon Haze

Cooking with Super Lemon Haze is a great way to enjoy the award-winning strain of cannabis. Super Lemon Haze, or SLH, is a cross between two popular strains: Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. This combination creates an uplifting high that's extremely sweet and unproblematic for most users.

When it comes to edibles, SLH can be used in many different recipes ranging from cakes to candy. For topicals, you can use this strain to make lotions and balms that are perfect for treating dry eyes or other skin conditions.

When cooking with SLH, it's important to remember the amount of THC content in each recipe as too much can lead to unpleasant effects like paranoia or anxiety. Utilizing a kitchen scale when measuring out ingredients is essential to guarantee accuracy in SLH cooking. Additionally, if you're not familiar with working with cannabis flowers then consider purchasing pre-ground buds instead as they provide consistent results every time.

Cooking with Super Lemon Haze is an exciting way to experience the effects of this award-winning cannabis strain. Super Lemon Haze is a cross between two popular strains, Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This combination produces an uplifting high that can be felt throughout the body. It has a sweet aroma and flavor profile, making it perfect for cooking with.

For those looking to make edibles using Super Lemon Haze, there are plenty of recipes available online. From cookies and brownies to gummies and lollipops, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds. The key when cooking with cannabis is finding the right ratio of cannabis flower or concentrate to other ingredients in order to achieve desired effects without overdoing it. If you’re new to cooking with marijuana, start small until you get a feel for how much THC your body can handle at once.

When crafting topicals with Super Lemon Haze flowers or concentrates, it is essential to ensure that they are not blended with potent essential oils as these can cause irritation on sensitive skin types even when diluted by carrier oil bases such as coconut oil and jojoba oil. For this reason, using a base product like these two is recommended for topical application in order to avoid any adverse reactions.

FAQs in Relation to Super Lemon Haze

Is Super Lemon Haze strong?

Yes, Super Lemon Haze is a strong strain of cannabis. It has an average THC content of around 20-25%, which makes it one of the more potent strains available on the market. Its effects are generally uplifting and energizing, making it ideal for daytime use or social activities. Still, its high potency could lead to potential side effects such as paranoia or anxiety if taken in too large of amounts.

How does Super Lemon Haze make you feel?

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that provides an uplifting, energizing high. It has a sweet citrus aroma and flavor with notes of lemon and lime. The effects are known to be cerebral yet relaxed, providing users with mental clarity and focus while also promoting feelings of happiness and well-being. Super Lemon Haze can help you stay motivated throughout the day without feeling overstimulated or anxious like some other strains may do.

Is Super Lemon Haze any good?

It has a strong citrus flavor and aroma, along with notes of pine and spice. Its effects are uplifting and energetic, making it perfect for daytime activities or socializing. Many users find that Super Lemon Haze helps them to stay focused on tasks while also providing relief from stress and anxiety. In general, this strain is an excellent choice for those seeking a stimulating experience without the overwhelming sedation that some other varieties may bring.

Is Super Lemon Haze top shelf?

Super Lemon Haze is a popular strain of cannabis, known for its strong citrus aroma and energizing effects. This award-winning cannabis strain is renowned for its exceptional quality, zesty citrus aroma and stimulating effects. This strain's power, taste, and excellence make it a great option for those wanting to savor an exceptional experience.


In conclusion, Super Lemon Haze is a powerful and flavorful strain that offers users an uplifting and energizing experience. It has many benefits including stress reduction and increased focus. Cultivating Super Lemon Haze can be demanding, but if the conditions are right it can bring about exceptional outcomes. Finally, don't forget about cooking with Super Lemon Haze. The unique lemony flavor makes it perfect for adding zest to your favorite dishes or creating delicious edibles like candies or cookies.