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Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum) seeds

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The Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum) plant is the source of opium and it's chemical derivatives morphine and heroine. In the United States and Europe, poppy seeds are perfectly legal. This is because poppy seeds do not actually contain any of the alkaloids that are present in the fully-grown poppy plant, like morphine, codeine, papaverine, and thebaine.

Opium poppy seeds are native to South-East Europe and Western Asia. It has spread throughout Europe and Asia, where it grows in cultivation and in the wild often as a weed. Opium poppy seeds are also the same seeds used on poppy seed bagels.

The opium poppy can grow up to a height of around 1 metre. It is a hardy annual, sprouting in autumn or spring, flowering in summer and shedding its seeds again in autumn. Its flowers range in colour from white to purple and any shade of red or pink in between.

Seeds of the Gods Poppy Seeds are available in Poppy Lilac from Afghanistan, or Poppy White from India. The appearance of the flowers but also the active chemicals in each strain are slightly different as are the origins. There is a lot of debate about which is the strongest strain of the two, why not try both and see which suits you.


Growing the seeds:
Papaver somniferum is a very easy plant to grow. For an ideal environment you should plant it in a fertilized garden with good draining. It also grows in pots, provided that there is enough space for the roots. The seeds can be planted any time between September and April. If winter frosts are normal in your area, don't plant the seeds until the end of the winter, or early spring, as the plants from autumn and winter seeds may die with the subsequent frosts. Throw the seeds and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. Water them well until they germinate, keeping the soil humid. The seeds will start growing within a week. Water them with moderation in the beginning to avoid rotting.


Do not consume the seeds, they are intended for growing papaver somniferum plants. Opium is highly addictive. The poppy seeds are for growing purposes only and contain no alkaloids.

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