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Cannabis growing as social employment


Dutch political party VVD wants to get workers in social employment grow cannabis to supply coffeeshops. This plan must decline illegal home–growing and criminality and it will generate extra income for the work association as well, so said the VVD last week.

By allowing pot growing we hope to reduce criminality that revolves around illegal home-growing. “We aim at illegal use of electricity and theft of equipment', so says Representative T. Theijse. “The work association already has glasshouses and the required knowledge. Plus, they can always use some extra work and income.'

Work association Presikhaaf Bedrijven in Arnhem shows enthusiasm on the new plan. General director J. van Poelje is not afraid of resistance amongst the employees. There will be workers that do not want to be associated with growing weed. Of course we will take that into account.' Presikhaaf Bedrijven has about 2700 employees.


The municipality of Arnhem has a ‘positive attitude’ towards the idea. “This form of growing cannabis is now still illegal', so says responsible alderman I. Pijnenburg. “If the second chamber decides to start a test with legal growing, we would like to make an effort on it.'

Van Poelje and Theijse think this cannabis growing concept is not likely to attract sinister persons. “A major condition is that security is in order', according to Poelje.


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