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Magic mushrooms illegal in UK


Bad news for British psychedelic fungi fans. Ignoring pleas from mushroom retailers and consumers, the UK government announced that clause 21 of the Drugs Act 2005, reclassifying psilocybin mushrooms as a class A drug alongside heroin and crack cocaine, will come into force on July 18.

From that date, importation, possession or sale of magic mushrooms (fresh, dried and psilocybin or psilocin containing products) will be punishable by a life sentence, effectively outlawing sales via market stalls, head shops and the internet. Laying the statutory instrument before parliament, the Home Office said the only exception would be for wild mushrooms, growing on uncultivated land.

Declaring criminalization of magic mushrooms a retrograde step, it predicted the reclassification would simply encourage more youngsters to try ecstasy, LSD, heroin and cocaine. 'The sale of 100,000 kilos of magic mushrooms per annum has had a big impact on the reduction of the illegal use of soft and hard drugs,' said EDF's (Entheogen Defence Fund) chairman, Mike Bashall. 'Expect more crime and more deaths related to illegal drugs.'

A Dutch study found no evidence to link magic mushrooms with psychosis and said that mushrooms did not lower users' violence threshold.

Anyhow, this means we have to stop selling fresh Psilocybe cubensis, Philosopher’s stones and growkits to our UK customers immediately.

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