BlogPsychedelic Sessions: Mind-altering science
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Psychedelic Sessions: Mind-altering science


Joost Breeksema is co-founder and chairman of the OPEN foundation, which promotes all aspects of psychedelic research in the Netherlands. In the talk you can listen to below, Joost discusses the potential of psychedelics for therapeutic use.

This talk was recorded at the Psychedelic Sessions at Landjuweel Festival 2015.

About Psychedelic Sessions

The Psychedelic Sessions are six thought-provoking talks on the psychedelic experience. Most of us know about trippin' and spacin', but what do psychedelics have to offer us from ritualistic, therapeutic, scientific or spiritual point of view?

The Psychedelic Sessions was hosted by your favourite online smartshop & headshop (that's us!) at the Ruigoord saloon during the Landjuweel Festival. In case you missed it, we've uploaded all lectures for you here.

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