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White heroin dealer turns himself in


After a campaign of months peace returns in the streets of Amsterdam. Last week the man who sold white heroin to tourists turned himself in to the police. He had recognised himself on images in the Dutch TV program 'Opsporing Verzocht'.

It seems the dealer wasn’t aware his ‘cocain’ actually was white heroin. When white heroin is sniffed, it causes respiratory problems. Past autumn three British tourists died as a consequence. Twenty others ended up in hospital.

Campaign abolished

The campaign with matrix boards and posters all over town is currently abolished. The Municipal Health Service (GGD) considers the risks decreased.

Of course it’s possible more white heroin is still in circulation. Azarius never recommends the use of hard drugs. If you want to use it anyway: be careful. Don’t buy from street dealers and test your stuff at Stichting Adviesbureau Drugs or do an EZ-test.

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-Cocaine alert finished Municipal Health Service (GGD)

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