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Sign for just and effective European drug policies


On December 15th 2004, the European parliament approved a set of recommendations, known as the 'Catania Report', for the new EU strategy to deal with the 'drug problem'. This report is in favour of an alternative to the dominant approaches to drug policy. Instead of maintaining a system based on drug prohibition, the 'Catania report' calls for policies consistent with the broad approach known as 'harm reduction' to be adopted across the whole of Europe. There is also much attention for information, prevention and scientific research for medical and social purposes. The new EU strategy will be adopted in June 2005 - it is vital that it takes into account the recommendations of the 'Catania report'.

ENCOD proposes that citizens all over Europe express themselves, in order to make the people in charge of our democratic institutions aware that the 'war on drugs' must end. We invite all citizens to sign the petition in support of the Catania report. Sign here before April 21!

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