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Have a marvellous New Year!


About to throw a smashing party with New Year’s Eve? A bunch of friends, good food and pleasant music usually do the trick. And maybe you’d like to enhance the party mood by taking one or another substance?

If you made it to our website, you probably already know the world has more to offer than just the clichéd champagne. Don’t want to start 2015 completely wasted? There’s plenty of alternatives for alcohol. For example, check our wide range of party formulas or try the herbal mood-lifter kanna. Did you know this powdered South African plant enhances both the effects of cannabis and alcohol?

Though we don’t recommend it, we know some of you like to experiment with less legal products. The past decade a flood of research chemicals entered the market. Contrary to what the name suggests, there’s usually very little research done into these substances; especially long-term effects remain unclear!

Recently we discussed the MDMA-analogue methylone. Another popular designer drug is 4-fluoro-amphetamine, or 4-FA abbreviated. Like methylone, it’s a research chemical of the amphetamine class that was developed by Alexander Shulgin. It entered the recreational drug market around 2001. Its effect can best be described as more euphoric than speed and more stimulating than MDMA. Recently we added an 4-FA encyclopaedia article in which you can read everything you need to know about this research chemical.

Please be safe and never take substances that you don’t know the composition of! When in doubt, know that you can always perform a drug test using a drug testing kit.

We wish you a safe, smashing and sparkling New Year! And P.S. in case you did get wasted after all, we can help you quickly get back on your feet...

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