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Behind the shrooms - a return trip

19-03-2013 - 1 Comments

A study on the studies of psychedelics; what sounds like a psychonaut version of Inception turns out to be a brief but interesting look at the world of hallucinogens in podcast format.

Nick Langlitz is an assistant professor of anthropology at The New School for Social Research (New York, USA) and has spent most of his academic career studying those who study drugs. In the 2-part podcast ‘Behind the shrooms’, Langlitz explores story of psychedelic drugs from its peak in 1960, to its demonization and recent comeback.

From the era of Timothy Leary’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” (link to book), when hallucinogens became an icon of the counterculture, to the contemporary research being done at Johns Hopkins University with psilocybin for treating depression.

Since the height and decline of hallucinogenic research in the 60’s, it has taken over 30 years before psychedelic drugs could once again be studied without controversy. The good news today is that the media has a positive outlook on studies such as those done at Hopkins University with psilocybin.

Listen to Research Radio: Behind the Shrooms, part 1

Click below to listen to part 2: The Future of LSD

For more in-depth information on the history and research of psychedelics, check out the psychedelic book section on Azarius.

Source A return trip: LSD gets a second look


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