BlogSecond Mayan calendar found: 2012 the end?
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Second Mayan calendar found: 2012 the end?


The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012 on the 21st of December, inspiring apocalyptic movies and prophets of doom to predict this date to be the end of the world. Up until now this was all based on one stone tablet found in Tortuguero, Mexico.

But recently, the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History admitted to having found a second ‘doom’ tablet, referencing the calendar’s end. The 21st of December is still the day the Mayan calendar stops counting. The second tablet was found in the village of Comalca, not far from Tortuguero. The stone tells of the end of the ’13 baktun (Mayan time period of 144.000 days).

A spokesman stated that there is no intention to show the second stone to the world. According to him, the stone does not reference any apocalypse, but simply marks the end of the Mayan calendar after which a new time period would begin: "Western messianic thought has twisted the Mayan cosmovision."

The fact that the Mexican Institute ‘hid’ the existence of the second stone suggest they believe people would panic, regardless of their assurances the Mayans did not predict our doom.

What do you think? Will you be hiding in a bunker next year or are people just being silly?

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