BlogAzarius raises over 15000 euro in aid for Haiti
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Azarius raises over 15000 euro in aid for Haiti


From January 20 until February 1 we donated 20% of each sale to Haiti relief efforts. This, along with additional donations from customers, led to a grand total of 15639,96 euro to be donated to the Red Cross.

Part of this amount comes from additional donations made through the ‘Haiti donate’ option, that appears when checking out. We will leave this in place for some time. Those who still wish to donate € 2,50 (or more) for relief efforts while shopping with us: feel free to do so!

We would like to thank everyone who placed an order during this period, particularly those who made additional donations! Of course, there is a truckload of money and resources needed to help the country rebuild infrastructure, hospitals, homes etc. On the website of the Red Cross, you can read about their work in Haiti and what is currently being done to help the victims.

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