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Marijuana plantation is university test field


A plantation containing no less than 47,000 marijuana plants discovered in a sweetcorn field near Lelystad on Wednesday belongs to Wageningen University. The plantation was discovered by the police after receiving an anonymous tip-off. A police-helicopter was used to locate the cannabis field. (video footage, Dutch)

At first, police reported that the plantation estimates a street value of 4.4 million euro, but since the hemp plants used in the experiment contain nearly no psychoactive substances, the street value would be 0 euro.

A spokesman of Wageningen University reports that “the plants have been modified for use of their fibre, and hardly contain THC. Years of research are at risk.”

Police had begun clearing the plants but stopped when shown the university's official licence to grow cannabis.

Wageningen University has said to talk to Flevoland police regarding compensation.

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