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Amsterdam to close 26 coffeeshops


Last week the final version of city planning strategy paper Coalition Project 1012, was presented to the Amsterdam town council. The plan, developed by The Central Bureau and the municipal council, proposes the closure of no less than 26 coffeeshops in and around the infamous red light district area.
The owners of these coffeeshops will be given a one off-permit for another three years, meaning that within three to six years, 26 coffeeshops will have to close their doors.

According to the city municipal, the large number of coffeeshops in the area creates ‘an infrastructure that encourages criminality.’ Earlier this year, the city bought up several window brothels that are now being used to house art installations and designers’ fashion creations.

The city has teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce to ‘help think about alternative business plans’ for affected coffeeshop owners. Their current catering license could be used to turn their former store into a restaurant or – believe it or not – a bar.

An in-depth article about the upcoming coffee shop closures can be found here.

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