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Ephedrine addiction

My first experience of ephedrine were cold remedies such as Sudafed and Do-Do Chesteze, in 1998, which I took only occasionally. Then one day in 2001, I got a bottle of 100 Ephedra Super Caps. Wow. :) Suddenly, I didn't have to worry about running out of the stuff any more. First time, I took two capsules in one go - I was excited, happy and huggy, it helped me go out partying, it helped me clean my flat, and it helped me quit smoking without piling on the pounds too. If I hadn't kept on taking it, maybe it wouldn't have been a problem. But it became a daily habit. After a couple of weeks, two capsules were no longer enough. After another week, three capsules weren't enough either. The instructions said you ought to lay off it for a week or two, but I found that easier said than done. I managed to stop a few times, but it would make me feel bummed out and lethargic. A year later, I was taking up to ten a day. Then one day I read about Steve Bechler. By that time, I couldn't go to work or keep social arrangements without taking ephedrine. But I didn't want to die, so I decided to take some time off work to help me stop. I thought my doctor was more likely to give me a sick note if I convince him that I'm depressed - so I decided to read up about the diagnostic criteria for depression. I found the diagnostic criteria for other illnesses in the same place, including Substance Dependence. I read it. Eek! :O It seemed to be a description of my own behaviour. So a couple of weeks later, I fessed up to the doc, and was referred to a drug treatment specialist, who gave me cognitive behavioural therapy on an outpatient basis. I now have more friends, and my life is leaps and bounds better than it was before I started using ephedrine in the first place. :) My bottles of supercaps are sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Advice: ephedrine is probably okay for occasional or short term use, but don't keep taking it every day. If you find that you can't stop taking the stuff, then go see your doctor about it, as soon as possible, before the problem becomes serious. If you've ever done coke or speed before developing an ephedrine habit, you'd be amazed how tempting it is to try to deal with ephedrine withdrawals by taking something harder. I went to A&E for speed in 1994 - but that didn't stop me hankering for speed again when the ephedrine tolerance increased.

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