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Ayahuasca how not to do it

Hello There wasn't trip report about ayahuasca, but now there is. I had bought the ayahuasca pack 4 and when I got home I powdered the harmala seeds. And began making the tea. I used like 5 lemons and 500 ml of distilled water, I cooked the ayahuasca a couple of times and strained it. And I also added damiana which was a stupid idea, I also hadn't boiled it down to like 100 a 200 ml wich was also stupid. I drank the whole lot wich was more sour then bitter(actually it tasted like vomit) it was that sour, 2 lemons are enough . Well after I had gotten down the first glass I still had two to go, but I threw up after about 20 minutes . After that I resumed drinking the brew i could keep down the second glass but after the third glass I had to puke again. I threw up to fast to feel really good effects, but nonetheless this stuf is so powerfull that it felt like I ate a half of a portion of mushrooms. I felt dreamy, clear headed and the plants started looking more lively. I didn't see them as objects like I normally do. I had also a weird feeling of presence on my forehead directly where the third eye lies. This stuff is really spiritual and worth trying. To bad it was'n a very intense trip I had expected much more from it. Well next time I'm gonna do this I 'll do it a better way. So let this be a lesson for all of you.

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