The Best Cannabis Documentaries

Discover the best cannabis documentaries that explore the history, legalization, and culture of weed. Get educated and entertained with these must-watch films!

The Best Cannabis Documentaries

Explore the realm of "The Best Cannabis Documentaries" to gain insight into this captivating topic. These films dig into a variety of facets regarding cannabis, from its past to therapeutic uses and the economic side. Whether you're a novice or an experienced cannabis aficionado, these documentaries are sure to engage your curiosity.

Throughout this blog post, we'll explore some noteworthy titles that have contributed significantly to shaping our understanding of marijuana's role in society today. Each documentary offers unique insights into different facets such as legalization efforts, medicinal benefits, recreational use, and more. So sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an enlightening journey through "The Best Cannabis Documentaries."

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The Culture High

As the debate around cannabis legalization continues to evolve, The Culture High dives deep into the social and political implications of this movement. This documentary offers an insightful look at the varied facets of cannabis culture, from its roots to medical applications and economic/legal repercussions.

A Comprehensive Look at Cannabis Legalization

The Culture High features interviews with a diverse range of experts, including doctors, law enforcement officers, politicians, activists, and celebrities. These perspectives provide a well-rounded understanding of the complex issues surrounding cannabis legalization.

Misconceptions Debunked

In addition to exploring the benefits associated with legalizing marijuana - such as reduced crime rates and increased tax revenue - The Culture High also addresses common misconceptions about cannabis use. For example, it challenges widely-held beliefs that marijuana is a gateway drug or that it leads to addiction.

The War on Drugs Exposed

This documentary doesn't shy away from exposing some harsh truths about America's war on drugs. It delves into how prohibition has disproportionately affected marginalized communities while failing to reduce overall drug use in society.

Why You Should Watch The Culture High:

  • An informative look at both sides of the cannabis legalization debate;
  • Fascinating insights from experts in various fields;
  • A critical examination of America's failed war on drugs;
  • Evidence-based debunking of common myths surrounding marijuana use.

If you're interested in learning more about this important topic or want an engaging way to spark conversation with friends, The Culture High is a must-watch documentary.

The Culture High delves into the realm of cannabis, an intriguing and thought-provoking documentary that examines the intricacies surrounding this plant. Moving on, Grass: The History of Marijuana explores the history behind this fascinating plant and how it has shaped culture around the world.

Grass: The History of Marijuana

Dive into the fascinating world of cannabis history with Grass: The History of Marijuana. This documentary, narrated by actor Woody Harrelson, takes you on a journey through time to explore the origins and evolution of marijuana use in America. From its early days as an industrial crop to its eventual criminalization, this film provides an insightful look at how society's views on cannabis have changed over the years.

  • The Origins: Learn about the ancient uses of hemp for textiles and medicine before it became associated with recreational drug use.
  • The Prohibition Era: Discover how political agendas and propaganda campaigns led to widespread fear and misinformation about marijuana during the early 20th century.
  • The Counterculture Movement: See how cannabis played a significant role in shaping American counterculture during the '60s and '70s.
  • The War on Drugs: Understand how government policies escalated anti-cannabis sentiments throughout recent decades, resulting in harsh penalties for users and growers alike.

In addition to providing historical context, Grass also highlights some key figures who have shaped public opinion on marijuana. For example, Harry J. Anslinger - former head of Federal Bureau of Narcotics - is featured prominently due to his relentless crusade against cannabis that contributed significantly towards prohibition efforts. On a more positive note, activists like Jack Herer are celebrated for their tireless work advocating for legalization and educating people about potential benefits associated with responsible consumption.

If you're interested in learning more about America's complex relationship with cannabis from both cultural and political perspectives, Grass: The History of Marijuana is a must-watch documentary. This documentary explores the cannabis world and its evolution from an industrial crop to a recreational drug. It also touches on the cannabis industry, cannabis prohibition, and the cannabis conversation.

Grass: The History of Marijuana is an insightful and educational documentary that provides a comprehensive overview of the history, culture, and politics surrounding cannabis. This intriguing exploration into marijuana's past sets the stage for our next discussion about "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High," which dives deeper into how business interests have shaped the industry around recreational drugs.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

As the cannabis industry continues to grow worldwide, it's essential to understand its origins and how it has evolved over time. One documentary that delves into this topic is The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. This doc delves into the illicit cannabis biz in Canada, presenting a unique viewpoint on how weed has been made and distributed over time.

In The Union, viewers are taken on a journey through British Columbia's underground marijuana trade. This region, often referred to as "the California of Canada," is known for producing some of the highest quality cannabis in North America. Interviews with those involved in the underground marijuana business, from growers to dealers to activists and law enforcement personnel, provide insight into the various elements of this illicit trade.

  • Production: Learn about cultivation techniques used by Canadian growers to produce high-quality strains.
  • Distribution: Discover how smugglers transport their products across borders while evading detection from authorities.
  • Economics: Understand the financial implications behind illegal marijuana sales and its impact on local economies.
  • Social Issues: Gain insight into how prohibition affects communities plagued by addiction and crime related to drug trafficking.

Beyond just focusing on Canada's role in global cannabis culture, The Union delves into broader issues surrounding legalization efforts around the world. By examining both sides of this controversial debate - those who support ending prohibition versus those who believe it should remain intact - The Union presents an unbiased look at one of today's most pressing social issues.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High is an eye-opening documentary that reveals the harsh realities of the cannabis industry and its effects on society. Moving onto Weediquette, this series dives into a variety of topics related to marijuana use in modern culture.


As marijuana legalization spreads, it's important to comprehend the current effects of cannabis on society. The documentary series Weediquette, hosted by Krishna Andavolu, dives deep into this topic, exploring the different aspects of cannabis culture and its impact on people's lives.

In one episode, Weediquette investigates the use of medical marijuana for children suffering from severe epilepsy. This eye-opening segment highlights both the potential benefits and controversies surrounding pediatric cannabis treatments. Another compelling episode delves into how veterans are using cannabis as an alternative to opioids for managing chronic pain and PTSD symptoms.

  • Episode 1: "Stoned Kids" - Medical marijuana for children with epilepsy
  • Episode 4: "Warriors" - Veterans using cannabis to treat PTSD and chronic pain

Beyond these individual stories, Weediquette also examines broader social issues related to marijuana legalization. For example, they explore racial disparities in drug arrests despite similar usage rates among different ethnic groups. Additionally, they look at efforts made by small-scale growers trying to compete against large corporations entering the legal market.

If you're interested in learning about modern-day cannabis culture from a variety of perspectives - including medical patients' experiences or entrepreneurs navigating new markets - be sure not to miss out on watching Weediquette.

Weediquette is an informative documentary that delves into the world of marijuana and its users, providing insight on how cannabis culture has evolved. Moving onto Super High Me, this film follows comedian Doug Benson as he attempts to find out what effects smoking weed every day for 30 days would have on his body.

Super High Me

If you're looking for a cannabis documentary with a comedic twist, Super High Me is the perfect choice. This film follows comedian Doug Benson as he embarks on an experiment to live off marijuana for 30 days straight. The goal? To determine how daily cannabis consumption affects his physical and mental health.

The documentary showcases Doug's journey as he undergoes various tests before, during, and after his month-long marijuana binge. Some of these tests include cognitive function assessments, mood evaluations, blood work analysis, and spirometry (lung function) testing. Michael Blieden's documentary, Super High Me, provides an in-depth exploration of marijuana culture and the legalization debate within the United States.

Super High Me, directed by Michael Blieden, features interviews with medical professionals, dispensary owners, law enforcement officers, and other key figures within the industry. These conversations help paint a comprehensive picture of both the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with regular cannabis use.

Super High Me is an insightful documentary that explores the world of cannabis and its effects on individuals. Rolling Papers takes a look at how legalization has changed the industry, providing insight into the current landscape for marijuana users.

Rolling Papers

In the world of cannabis documentaries, Rolling Papers stands out as it chronicles the rise of recreational marijuana in Colorado after its legalization in 2014. This feature-length documentary takes a deep dive into how this monumental shift impacted both the legal cannabis market and society at large.

The Denver Post's Cannabis Coverage

The Denver Post, one of Colorado's most prominent newspapers, made headlines when they decided to create a dedicated section for all things cannabis called "The Cannabist." Rolling Papers follows Ricardo Baca, The Denver Post's first-ever Marijuana Editor, as he navigates through this new territory and covers various aspects of recreational marijuana - from medicinal uses to strains and even cooking with weed.

A Changing Landscape: From Illicit Market to Legal Industry

This engaging documentary explores not only the transition from an illicit market to a thriving legal industry but also delves into some crucial conversations surrounding cannabis reform. It highlights how different sectors like law enforcement, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyday users have adapted to these changes. Additionally, Rolling Papers demonstrates that while there are still challenges faced by those involved in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry - such as navigating federal laws - overall progress has been made since legalization took effect.

Finding Balance: Recreational vs Medicinal Use

An essential aspect discussed within Rolling Papers is striking a balance between promoting responsible recreational use while acknowledging the benefits of medicinal marijuana. By showcasing various perspectives on this topic, the documentary encourages viewers to engage in a broader conversation about cannabis and its role in society today.

Rolling Papers offers an enlightening look into the past of cannabis and its progression to legality. It provides an insightful look into the industry, from its humble beginnings to today's legal status. Moving on, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny offers another captivating view into this controversial topic by exploring how marijuana has been used as a political tool throughout history.

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

Directed by Kevin Booth, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny is a powerful documentary that examines the medical, economic, and cultural impact of cannabis prohibition in America. This film takes a close look at the struggles of those dependent on medical marijuana, while exploring the clashes between federal authorities and state-sanctioned dispensaries.

The documentary features interviews with various experts such as doctors, scientists, economists, and activists like Dr. Sanjay Gupta who have all played significant roles in advocating for cannabis reform. The film also highlights personal stories from families whose children suffer from debilitating conditions like epilepsy or cancer that can be effectively treated with medical marijuana.

  • Charlotte Figi's story, a young girl suffering from severe seizures caused by Dravet Syndrome;
  • Cash Hyde's journey through pediatric brain cancer treatment using cannabis oil;
  • The Wilson family's struggle to access CBD-rich strains of marijuana for their daughter Vivian who suffers from life-threatening seizures.

In addition to these heart-wrenching stories, American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny tackles broader issues surrounding the war on drugs in America - including racial disparities within drug arrests and incarceration rates - making it an essential watch for anyone interested in understanding the complexities behind this controversial plant. The documentary explores the cannabis industry, cannabis medical science, cannabis legalization, and the cannabis conversation.


Gaining an understanding of marijuana's culture and past can be a revelation for youth curious about cannabis, and viewing the top documentaries on the subject may provide insight. From exploring the business behind getting high to examining the impact of cannabis on society, these documentaries offer a unique perspective on this controversial plant.

For those seeking to deepen their knowledge of cannabis and its effects on society, these documentaries are an excellent resource. Whether you're a recreational user or simply curious about the topic, there's something here for everyone.