Silver Haze

Silver Haze's origins, growing tips, and effects in our guide. Uncover its unique genetics, lineage, flavor profile, and more with us!

Silver Haze
Silver Haze

Silver Haze has been a cherished strain among cannabis connoisseurs, renowned for its invigorating effects and distinct taste. 

In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of Silver Haze, exploring its history, genetics, and cultivation techniques.

From its origins by crossing skunk with another famous strain to the intricate balance of THC and CBD levels that make it so special, you'll gain an understanding of what sets Silver Haze apart from other haze strains. We'll also discuss the potential side effects such as dry eyes and how to mitigate them.

By delving into the flavors that define this iconic marijuana strain, you will be better equipped to appreciate every aspect of your next encounter with Super Silver Haze. So sit back, relax, and prepare for an enlightening journey through the fascinating world of Silver Haze weed.

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Silver Haze: The Legendary Cannabis Strain

Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that's popular among recreational users and growers alike, thanks to its potent effects, uplifting high, and unique taste profile.

With dense buds covered in frosty trichomes and silver hues, Silver Haze is a beautiful strain that grows tall with long branches adorned with vibrant green leaves.

Boasting THC levels ranging between 20-24%, Silver Haze is one of the stronger strains available on the market today, providing a cerebral high that stimulates creativity and focus while providing an overall sense of euphoria.

Its complex flavor profile consists of earthy undertones complemented by sweet citrus notes and hints of spice upon exhale, with pungent scents reminiscent of pine trees mixed with fresh lemon zest.

Whether you're a novice consumer seeking an energetic buzz or an experienced enthusiast looking to expand your horizons within the realm of cannabis culture, Silver Haze is a top choice.

Stay tuned as we explore more about this iconic strain's history, genetics lineage, growing practices, cannabinoid levels/effects, and tips on how best to savor its distinct taste and aroma.

Silver Haze, a sativa-dominant hybrid, was created in the late 1980s by Sensi Seeds by crossing Northern Lights with Haze to produce a potent and uplifting strain with a balance of indica characteristics.

Named after its silvery-white trichomes, Silver Haze has evolved over time into various phenotypes, including the award-winning Super Silver Haze.

  • 1980s: Sensi Seeds creates Silver Haze by crossing Northern Lights with Haze.
  • 1997-1999: Super Silver Haze wins three consecutive Cannabis Cups.
  • 2000-Present: Various phenotypes emerge as growers continue refining this classic strain.

Despite its long-standing status, Silver Haze continues to captivate cannabis users and cultivators alike with its storied past and special mix of sensations.

The Legendary Lineage of Silver Haze

Silver Haze strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts an impressive lineage, originating from two iconic strains.

  • Haze: A pure Sativa with an earthy aroma and strong cerebral effects.
  • Northern Lights: An Indica-dominant strain with a sweet flavor profile and relaxing body high, originating from Afghanistan and Thailand.
  • Silver Haze: A hybrid that combines the best traits of both parent strains and develops unique characteristics all on its own.

Bred by Sensi Seeds during the late 1980s, Silver Haze quickly became a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide due to its remarkable taste, aroma, and effects.

How to Grow Silver Haze

Want to cultivate Silver Haze marijuana strain? Here are some tips for growing this moderately challenging but rewarding strain.

First, make sure your location offers plenty of sunlight or use high-quality LED or HID lights indoors.

Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter or consider hydroponics for greater control over nutrients and pH levels.

  • Vegging period: Allow 3-4 weeks of vegetative growth.
  • Flowering time: Expect 9-11 weeks until harvest.
  • Pest management: Watch for spider mites and aphids; use natural predators or organic pesticides.

Regular pruning during vegetative and flowering stages maximizes yields and quality buds. Use the lollipopping technique to improve airflow and prevent mold and mildew issues.

Monitor humidity levels during flowering (40-50%) to prevent bud rot and moisture-related problems.

With these tips, you'll be on your way to growing a successful crop of Silver Haze.

THC, CBD, and Other Cannabinoid Levels

Silver Haze packs a punch with its THC content ranging from 18% to 24%, making it a top choice for recreational users seeking a cerebral high.

However, with a low CBD level of around 0.1%, it may not be the best option for those seeking medicinal benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC.

But don't let that discourage you, as Silver Haze contains other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN that work together to enhance its properties through the "entourage effect."

And let's not forget about the terpenes, such as myrcene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene, that give Silver Haze its unique flavor profile and potential therapeutic benefits.

If you're in the market for a powerful strain with an intriguing taste and invigorating effects, Silver Haze is worth considering.

Experience the Uplifting Effects of Silver Haze

Users report increased creativity, motivation, and concentration, making it an excellent option for enhancing productivity.

  • Euphoria: Combat stress and anxiety while promoting positive thoughts.
  • Mood Enhancement: Improve mood levels by reducing feelings.
  • Fatigue Reduction: Counteract fatigue caused by daily activities or lack of sleep.

However, be aware of potential side-effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches if overconsumed. Begin with a minimal dose and increase gradually, observing your body's reaction to the product.

Experience the many benefits of Silver Haze responsibly and enjoy its unique combination of effects.

The Flavorful Experience of Silver Haze

Get ready for a sensory journey with the unique taste and aroma of Silver Haze, a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

With an earthy base and sweet pine scent, Silver Haze also has subtle notes of citrus and spice that add depth to its aroma.

When you take a hit of Silver Haze, you'll experience a burst of flavors that dance on your palate, including rich earthiness, sweet pine, zesty lemon, and spicy pepper.

Silver Haze not only offers powerful effects, but also a unique taste that keeps users coming back.

Browse our selection of premium Silver Haze seeds if you're interested in cultivating your own or sampling this one-of-a-kind strain.

Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the delectable taste of Silver Haze that sets it apart from other strains.

FAQs in Relation to Silver Haze

What are the side effects of Silver Haze?

Silver Haze may cause dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety in some users, so it's best to start with a low dose and gradually increase it to avoid adverse reactions. .

How does Silver Haze make you feel?

Silver Haze induces an uplifting cerebral high accompanied by increased focus and creativity, making users feel euphoric and relaxed, which can help alleviate stress or fatigue. 

What is Silver Haze good for?

Silver Haze is popular for managing stress and fatigue due to its energizing properties, making it suitable for daytime use or social settings. 

Is Super Silver Haze good for anxiety?

Super Silver Haze may alleviate mild anxiety symptoms due to its uplifting nature, but higher doses might exacerbate anxiety or induce paranoia in sensitive individuals, so it's always best to consult a medical professional before using cannabis as treatment. Healthline offers more information on using cannabis for anxiety.


Looking for a strain that can boost your creativity and productivity while reducing stress levels? Look no further than silver haze, a popular strain with high THC levels and an uplifting effect.

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