MK Ultra Strain

The lineage, effects and growing techniques of MK Ultra strain. Learn about THC, CBD levels, flavor profile and more in this complete guide.

MK Ultra Strain
MK Ultra Strain

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge about different strains? If so, you've probably heard of the MK Ultra strain. This potent indica category marijuana strain has gained popularity due to its high THC levels and unique properties.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes the MK Ultra strain so special and how it got its name from a controversial project carried out by the CIA. We will explore the history of Project MK Ultra and how it was involved in LSD experiments on humans during the 1950s-60s.

We will also discuss why some users report experiencing a burnt plastic taste when smoking this strain, despite its reputation for having a sweet earthy flavor profile. Additionally, we'll examine what sets apart MK Ultra OG from other OG Kush strains and delve into its effects on both mind and body.

If you're interested in learning more about one of the most intriguing marijuana strains out there - MK Ultra - then keep reading! No matter your level of cannabis expertise, this article is sure to provide something for everyone curious about the distinct MK Ultra strain.

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Overview of MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra Strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that was created in California. With its exceptionally high THC content, often testing at 20% or higher, MK Ultra Strain is one of the most potent indica-dominant hybrid strains available today. Its lineage can be traced back to OG Kush and G-13 Haze, two popular and well-known cannabis varieties. 

The buds of this strain are dense and covered in trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. The flavor profile consists of sweet earthy notes mixed with hints of burnt plastic which may be offputting for some users but appealing to others. 

The MK Ultra, an indica-leaning hybrid renowned for its pedigree, has become a highly sought after variety in recent times. With its fascinating history and potent effects, this strain has become popular among recreational users looking for a strong high. Moving on to its historical roots, let's explore the origins of the MK Ultra Strain.

History of MK Ultra Strain

The MK Ultra strain is a legendary indica-dominant hybrid that has become well known for its powerful, cerebral effects. Bred by T.H. Seeds, it was first introduced in 2003 and quickly gained popularity due to its potency and unique aroma. The genetics of the strain are said to be a cross between OG Kush and G13 Haze, but the exact lineage remains unknown.

MK Ultra has won several awards since being released, including 1st place Indica at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2004, making it one of the most successful strains ever created. Its impressive pedigree makes it highly sought after among recreational cannabis users who want something truly special; whether they are looking for relief from pain or just wanting an enjoyable evening spent relaxing with friends.

The MK Ultra strain has a fascinating history, from its roots in the mysterious government program to its current status as one of the most popular cannabis strains. It's not surprising this strain is so sought after due to its captivating past. Now let us explore further into the genetics and lineage of this powerful marijuana variety to understand what makes it so special.

Genetics and Lineage of MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a mysterious past. Its genetics are shrouded in mystery, but it's believed to be descended from the legendary G-13 and OG Kush strains. MK Ultra's THC content of up to 25% produces a powerful, yet calming effect that can last for hours. 

The lineage of MK Ultra is uncertain due to its secretive origins, however there are two main theories about where this strain came from. Some believe it was created by crossing G-13 and OG Kush while others suggest that it’s a combination of Afghani Indica and Super Skunk Sativa genetics. Regardless of its exact parentage, one thing is certain: MK Ultra packs a powerful punch.

MK Ultra is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that was created by crossing OG Kush and G13. The moniker MK Ultra originates from the CIA's controversial mental manipulation experiments in the 1950s, known as Project MKUltra. This potent strain has become popular in recent years for its strong sedative effects and intense psychedelic highs.

The lineage of this legendary strain can be traced back to two very distinct cannabis plants: OG Kush and G13. OG Kush is an old school classic that originated in California’s San Fernando Valley, while G13 is a mysterious indica strain rumored to have been developed at a government research facility in Mississippi during the 1970s. By combining these two powerhouses, breeders have managed to create one of the most potent strains available today with THC levels reaching up to 24%.

The Genetics and Lineage of MK Ultra Strain is a complex hybrid that originates from the legendary OG Kush, G-13, and Chem Dawg. Cultivating MK Ultra can be a challenge due to its elevated THC level, necessitating meticulous attention during growth. By understanding the genetics and lineage of this potent strain, growers are able to gain insight into how best they should approach growing MK Ultra in their own gardens.

Growing MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra is a great strain for both novice and experienced growers. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces dense, resinous buds with a pungent aroma of diesel fuel and pine. The plant grows quickly, reaching maturity in 8 to 9 weeks indoors or late September outdoors.

Indoors, MK Ultra will produce up to 500g/m2 when grown in optimal conditions. When grown outdoors, it can yield up to 600g/plant if given plenty of space and sunshine. This strain is easy to grow in most climates but prefers cooler temperatures during the flowering stage.

When growing MK Ultra indoors, you should use high-intensity lighting like LED or HID lamps as well as nutrient-rich soil or hydroponic systems for best results. For optimal production, provide your MK Ultra vegetation with eighteen hours of illumination daily in the vegetative stage, then diminish to twelve when flowering commences.

Keep your humidity levels low (around 40%) during the entire growth cycle and make sure there’s enough airflow around your plants so they don’t become too hot or dry out too much due to air movement being blocked by other plants nearby them.

The buds produced by MK Ultra are quite large with tight calyxes that are covered in trichomes which give off a strong smell of diesel fuel mixed with piney undertones when broken open or smoked, making it perfect for concentrates such as waxes and oils due to its high resin content. You can expect THC levels ranging from 15% - 20%, while CBD levels stay relatively low at 1%.

The MK Ultra strain is a unique and potent hybrid, making it an ideal choice for experienced growers. By understanding the THC, CBD and other cannabinoid levels of this strain, you can ensure that your plants will produce the best possible yields.

THC,CBD and other cannabinoid levels

MK Ultra is a popular strain of cannabis that has become well known for its intense effects. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a THC level ranging from 18% to 24%. The CBD content in MK Ultra ranges from 0.1% to 1%. This strain also has other cannabinoids present, such as CBG and CBC, but these are found in much lesser amounts than the THC.

The terpene profile of MK Ultra consists mainly of myrcene and caryophyllene, which give this strain its earthy and herbal aroma and taste. Myrcene can help reduce inflammation while caryophyllene provides a spicy flavor when smoked or vaped. In addition, limonene adds sweet citrus notes to the flavor profile of MK Ultra.

The THC, CBD and other cannabinoid levels of the MK Ultra strain are relatively high compared to many other strains. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a strong effect from their cannabis use. The next heading will focus on exploring the effects of this powerful strain in more detail.

Effects of MK Ultra Strain

The effects of MK Ultra are strong and long-lasting, providing a deep relaxation. The strain is known for its heavy indica body buzz that can make users feel sedated and couch-locked. 

MK Ultra has an impressive cannabinoid profile with THC levels ranging from 18% up to 25%. It also contains trace amounts of CBD which helps counteract some of the psychoactive effects caused by the high THC content. This makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits without feeling overwhelmed or too stoned.

When smoked or vaped, MK Ultra delivers a pungent skunky aroma with notes of earthy pine and citrus fruits on the exhale. Its flavor is similar but more intense than its scent; it has a sour lemon taste with sweet undertones that linger on your tongue after each hit.

This strain's effects come on quickly and usually last around two hours before gradually fading away into a pleasant sense of euphoria combined with physical relaxation throughout your entire body that leaves you feeling calm yet focused at the same time. Many users report having creative ideas while under its influence as well as experiencing heightened senses such as sound or sight becoming more vivid than usual during this period.

Due to its potent effects, MK Ultra isn't recommended for novice cannabis consumers or those prone to anxiety attacks when using marijuana products. Its strong cerebral effect coupled with powerful physical relaxation can be overwhelming if taken in large doses at once, especially without any prior experience consuming cannabis strains like this one in particular.

The effects of MK Ultra strain can be quite powerful, with a strong cerebral high and an uplifting feeling. Its flavor is unique as well, so let's take a closer look at what makes the MK Ultra strain stand out from other varieties.

Flavor of MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra is a strain of cannabis that has become popular for its unique flavor profile. Its pungent aroma of pine and citrus complements its sweet, skunky flavor with a subtle diesel fuel aftertaste. This strain offers a sophisticated mix of tastes that will surely satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.

For a truly unique experience, MK Ultra is an ideal choice for those seeking something new in the realm of marijuana cultivars.


In conclusion, MK Ultra strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a unique history and powerful effects. It has high levels of THC and CBD that provide users with strong euphoric feelings as well as physical relaxation. Its terpene profile gives it a pungent skunky flavor which many find enjoyable. Experienced cultivators who are ready to put in the labor necessary for growing this powerful cannabis plant can reap great rewards.