Marathon OG

The potent Marathon OG strain's rich history, unique genetics, and effects. Uncover this LA favorite connected to Nipsey Hussle today!

Marathon OG
Marathon OG

Marathon OG has quickly become a favorite strain among cannabis enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will explore the history and genetics of Marathon OG, uncovering its connection to Nipsey Hussle and providing information on how to grow it in your own garden.

We'll discuss the genetics and lineage of Marathon OG, providing insight into how it came to be such a sought-after variety. As you continue reading, you'll learn about growing conditions for cultivating your own Marathon Kush plants at home or in your downtown LA square foot garden.

In addition, we'll examine THC and CBD levels as well as other cannabinoids present in this unique strain. Lastly, prepare to discover the effects and flavors associated with Marathon OG that have made it an iconic choice for many recreational users in Los Angeles and beyond.

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Overview of Marathon OG

Marathon OG, also known as "Marathon Kush", is a potent indica marijuana strain that has gained popularity among young adults and recreational growers. This powerful strain boasts an impressive lineage, with its parent being the legendary OG Kush. With flavors like lemon, earth, and spice combined with euphoric and relaxing effects, it's no wonder why this cannabis variety is highly sought after.

The name "Marathon" is an homage to the iconic mixtapes of the late rap artist Nipsey Hussle, symbolizing both the potency and cultural relevance of this cannabis strain. The moniker represents both the strength of this particular strain as well as its connection to hip-hop culture. As such, many fans have taken up growing Marathon OG in their own gardens or consuming it for its unique properties.

  • Type: Indica dominant hybrid
  • Aroma: Earthy with hints of lemon and spice
  • Effects: Euphoric relaxation that may overwhelm novice consumers
  • Potency: High THC levels make it ideal for experienced users seeking strong effects

In addition to these characteristics, Marathon OG has been praised for its potential medicinal benefits. Many users report relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and stress-related disorders like anxiety or depression when using this potent indica-dominant hybrid.

If you're interested in learning more about Marathon OG - including how to grow your own plants at home - continue reading our comprehensive guide on everything there is to know about this popular cannabis strain.

The Overview of Marathon OG provides a brief overview of the strain, including its origins and effects. Moving on to History of Marathon OG, we will delve deeper into how this strain has evolved over time.

History of Marathon OG

The history of Marathon OG, also known as "Marathon Kush," is deeply rooted in cannabis culture and pays tribute to a legendary figure. This potent indica strain was selected for the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who played an influential role in its development and promotion. The name "Marathon" serves as a homage to his series of famous mixtapes called "The Marathon Continues". As a result, this strain carries not only powerful effects but also historical significance.

Nipsey Hussle's influence on the cannabis industry has been seen through his promotion of legalization and backing for local cultivators. His passion led him to collaborate with breeders in creating Marathon OG, which quickly gained popularity among recreational users.

  • Rapper Nipsey Hussle: Known for his music career and activism, he played an essential role in developing Marathon OG.
  • The Marathon Mixtapes: A series of popular mixtapes released by Nipsey that inspired the name of this strain.
  • Cannabis Advocacy: Nipsey used his platform to advocate for marijuana legalization and support local growers.

In addition to its connection with Nipsey Hussle, another fascinating aspect of Marathon OG's history lies within its genetic lineage. Bred from a cross between OG Kush, a classic West Coast staple known worldwide for its potency, it has become a popular choice for those seeking powerful relaxation and euphoria. As a result, Marathon OG has solidified its place in the cannabis community as both an influential strain and a tribute to Nipsey Hussle's legacy.

The history of Marathon OG is an interesting one, with its roots in the 1970s. Due to its impressive THC content and powerful effects, Marathon OG has become a popular strain for recreational use. Now that we have discussed the background of this strain, let's take a closer look at the genetics and lineage.

Genetics and Lineage of Marathon OG

The potent indica strain, Marathon OG, is a result of careful breeding from its parent strain, the legendary OG Kush. This powerful lineage has given Marathon OG its distinct characteristics that have made it popular among recreational users.

Originating in California, OG Kush is known for its high THC content and complex terpene profile. Boasting an extraordinary mix of tastes, such as pine, lemon and earthy undertones, OG Kush is one of the most sought-after strains globally. Its genetics are believed to be a mix between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush landrace strains.

  • Potency: To create Marathon OG's exceptional potency levels (averaging around 20% THC), breeders selected plants with higher-than-average THC concentrations inherited from their parent strain.
  • Aroma & Flavor: By carefully selecting plants with specific terpenes responsible for producing desirable flavors such as lemon, earthiness, and spice, breeders were able to develop this delectable blend found in Marathon OG today.
  • Growth Characteristics: The growing process was also refined by choosing plants exhibiting ideal growth patterns - ensuring an easier cultivation experience for growers interested in cultivating this top-notch indica strain at home or commercially.

Inspired by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle's series of famous mixtapes, Marathon OG is a fitting tribute to his legacy, showcasing the best traits from its parent strain and offering users an unforgettable experience. Nipsey Hussle was a beloved figure in Los Angeles, where Marathon OG was first cultivated. The strain is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and it's not hard to see why. With its potent effects and delicious flavor profile, Marathon OG is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

Marathon OG is a hybrid strain with mysterious origins, but its effects are well known. Growing Marathon OG requires careful attention to environmental conditions and nutrient levels for optimal results.

Growing Marathon OG

Marathon OG is a popular indica strain among recreational growers due to its potency and unique flavor profile. To successfully cultivate this plant, it's essential to understand the optimal growing conditions and techniques.

Growing Marathon OG indoors or outdoors both have their advantages. Indoor growing provides the ability to manage environmental elements like temperature, humidity and light exposure more precisely. On the other hand, outdoor growing can produce larger yields but requires more attention to pests and weather conditions.

  • Temperature: Maintain a consistent temperature between 68-80°F (20-27°C) during the day with slightly cooler temperatures at night.
  • Humidity: Keep relative humidity levels around 40-50% during vegetative growth stages, gradually reducing to about 30-40% during flowering.
  • Air Circulation: Ensure proper air circulation by using fans or vents in your grow space to prevent mold and mildew growth on leaves and buds.

To support healthy growth, use nutrient-rich soil with good drainage capabilities like coco coir or peat moss mixtures. Additionally, provide your plants with an appropriate balance of macronutrients (nitrogen [N], phosphorus [P], potassium [K]) throughout their lifecycle: higher nitrogen levels during vegetation followed by increased phosphorus concentrations for blooming phases.

Plant training techniques, such as topping, low-stress training (LST), and screen of green (SCROG) methods can help maximize yields by promoting bushier growth with more bud sites.

Marathon OG is a potent strain that has become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. It is a cross between OG Kush and the Marathon Kush strain, which was named after the late rapper Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. The strain is known for its relaxing effects and unique flavor profile.

The Marathon OG strain is grown by the Cure Company, a popular cultivator based in downtown LA. The company's facility spans over 20,000 square feet and is known for producing high-quality cannabis strains.

If you're looking for a potent strain with a unique flavor profile, give Marathon OG a try. It's sure to become one of your favorites.

Growing Marathon OG can be a rewarding experience, but it is important to understand the levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids before attempting. To guarantee a successful crop of Marathon OG, let's delve deeper into its cannabinoid composition.

THC, CBD, and Other Cannabinoid Levels

The potency of Marathon OG is one of its most notable features. With a high THC content, this strain typically ranges between 20% to 28%, making it an ideal choice for experienced users seeking powerful effects. However, the high THC levels can be overwhelming for novice consumers or those with low tolerance.

Marathon OG's CBD content is relatively low, usually falling below 1%. Given its low CBD content, Marathon OG's therapeutic effects are likely to be less pronounced than those of strains with higher concentrations.

  • THC Content: 20%-28%
  • CBD Content: <1%

In addition to THC and CBD, Marathon OG contains various other cannabinoids like CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol), which contribute to its overall effect profile. These lesser-known cannabinoids can offer additional therapeutic benefits such as promoting sleep (CBN) or fighting bacterial infections (CBG).

To fully appreciate the unique cannabinoid composition of Marathon OG, consider using a testing service like SC Labs. By accurately analyzing your batch's chemical makeup through lab tests, you'll gain valuable insights into its specific potency levels and potential effects on your body.

The levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in Marathon OG are important to consider when determining the effects it may have on an individual. By understanding these levels, one can better understand how this strain will affect them personally. Moving forward, let's explore what type of effects users can expect from consuming Marathon OG.

Effects of Marathon OG

The effects are known for their potency and ability to provide a deeply relaxing experience. As an indica-dominant strain, Marathon OG is great for those who need to de-stress after a long day or seeking relief from physical ailments.

One of the most notable effects is its ability to induce a sense of euphoria. Users often report feeling uplifted and happy shortly after consuming this strain. Users often experience a fast-acting, calming sensation after consuming Marathon OG, which can leave them feeling deeply relaxed and tranquil. This makes Marathon OG perfect for unwinding during evenings or weekends when you have no pressing responsibilities.

If you struggle with insomnia or simply need help falling asleep faster at night, Marathon OG may be just what you're looking for. Its calming effects make it easier to drift off into a peaceful slumber while also helping ensure restful sleep throughout the night.

The effects are far-reaching, providing a powerful and long-lasting experience for those who choose to partake. A savory yet sugary flavor that will tantalize the tongue.

Flavor of Marathon OG

The flavor profile is one that truly stands out among other cannabis strains. Its unique combination of lemon, earthy, and spicy notes creates a delightful sensory experience for users. In this section, we will delve into the distinct characteristics of its flavor and aroma.

Marathon OG features a strong lemon citrus flavor, which can be attributed to its terpene profile containing limonene. Limonene's presence in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges contributes to their signature zesty aroma, which adds brightness to the Marathon OG smoking experience. This refreshing element adds brightness to the overall taste and enhances the smoking experience.

Besides its lemony zest, Marathon OG also possesses an earthy undertone that balances out the sharpness from the citrus notes. This grounding quality comes from another terpene called myrcene, which contributes to creating a well-rounded flavor palette for this strain.

Last but not least, users may notice a subtle spiciness as they exhale after consuming Marathon OG. The presence of caryophyllene - yet another prominent terpene in this strain - gives it that distinct peppery kick at the end.

  • Lemon Citrus: Refreshing and brightening effect on overall taste.
  • Earthy Undertones: Grounding quality balancing out sharp flavors.
  • Spicy Finish: Subtle peppery kick adding depth to palate sensation.

In summary, Marathon OG offers a complex and enjoyable flavor profile that is both refreshing and grounding. Its unique combination of citrusy, soil-like, and zesty tones make it a great selection for those seeking to experiment with new flavors in the cannabis sphere. This potent strain has become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts, especially in Los Angeles where it originated. The Cure Company, a well-known cannabis cultivator in downtown LA, is responsible for breeding this exceptional strain. Marathon OG gained even more popularity after the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle, who was known to be a fan of this strain. With a square foot of this strain reportedly selling for up to $4,000, it's clear that Marathon OG is a highly sought-after strain that is worth trying.


This strain is a cross between OG Kush and a hybrid strain known as Face Off OG. The result is a powerful and flavorful profile that has made it a favorite for many.

One of the reasons why Marathon OG is so popular is because of its high THC content. This strain has been known to have THC levels as high as 26%, making it one of the most potent strains available. It's no wonder why this strain has become a favorite for many.

The Cure Company, a well-known cannabis cultivator in downtown LA, is responsible for creating this amazing strain. The company has gained a reputation for producing high-quality strains that are both potent and flavorful. Marathon OG is no exception.

Marathon OG is also known for its association with the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The rapper was a big fan of this strain and even named one of his songs after it. Since his passing, Marathon OG has become even more popular among his fans.