How to Make Cannabis Beer

Discover how to make cannabis beer with our step-by-step guide, featuring cannabis beer recipes and tips for brewing the perfect marijuana-infused drink.

How to Make Cannabis Beer

Are you curious about how to make cannabis beer and elevate your brewing experience? You've come to the ideal spot. In this piece, we'll delve into the craft of making cannabis beer and discover a variety of ways to construct an exceptional infused beverage.

For those looking to experiment with cannabis consumption, infused beverages have become a popular choice. Combining marijuana with beer offers an interesting twist on two beloved pastimes, but it's essential to understand the proper techniques involved in creating a well-balanced brew.

In this comprehensive guide on how to make cannabis beer, we will discuss everything from gathering necessary ingredients and controlling dosage, experimenting with different strains, adhering to laws and regulations surrounding homebrewing with marijuana, as well as tips for responsible consumption. So grab your brewing equipment and let's get started!

Table of Contents:

Gather Your Ingredients

First things first, grab your favorite cannabis strain to determine the flavor and potency of your brew. After that, you'll only need a few more things before you can start adding cannabis to your cannabis beer recipes.

Next, gather malted barley or wheat, hops for bitterness, water, and yeast for fermentation.

For added complexity, consider throwing in some coriander or orange peel.

  • Cannabis strain: Choose based on desired effects and flavors
  • Malted barley/wheat: Provides sugars needed for fermentation
  • Hops: Adds bitterness, flavour and aroma to balance sweetness from malts
  • Water: The base liquid that makes up most of the beer volume
  • Yeast: Responsible for converting sugar into alcohol (and increasing the alcohol content) during fermentation process
  • Additional herbs/spices (optional): Enhance overall flavor profile

Once you have everything, it's time to boil, ferment, bottle, experiment with strains, control dosage levels, and adhere to laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use.

Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy your homemade marijuana beer.

Boil and Ferment

Get ready to brew some cannabis beer by boiling and fermenting your mixture to perfection - this is where the magic happens.

  • Start by heating water in a large pot and add your malt extract, stirring well to dissolve it completely.
  • Once you reach a rolling boil, add hops for bitterness and aroma, and mix in some cannabutter (using decarboxylated marijuana) or herbal extracts to infuse your brew with cannabis goodness.
  • Remember to use low heat during this process to avoid degrading THC.
  • After cooling down your wort, transfer it into a sanitized fermentation vessel and pitch yeast according to package instructions.
  • Monitor specific gravity using a hydrometer throughout fermentation and be patient - it usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on factors such as temperature control and yeast strain used.
  • Use proper sanitation practices throughout brewing and fermenting processes to prevent off-flavors and infections.
  • Be mindful of fermentation temperature - too high or low can affect yeast performance and overall beer quality.

With boiling and fermenting complete, you're one step closer to enjoying your homemade cannabis-infused beer.

  • TIP: Keep track of all ingredients used during brewing along with any adjustments made - this will help refine future batches.

Try not to be disheartened if the brewing beer doesn't turn out as desired - there's always scope for advancement.

Bottle Your Cannabis-Infused Beer Like a Pro

Sanitize your bottles and equipment, add priming sugar, fill bottles carefully, cap securely, and age for at least two weeks for optimal carbonation and flavor.

  1. Sanitize: Cleanliness is crucial, so make sure all bottles, caps, and tools are thoroughly sanitized before use.
  2. Priming Sugar: Add a small amount of priming sugar to each bottle or mix with the entire batch before filling to create carbonation during secondary fermentation.
  3. Fill Carefully: Use a siphon or bottle filler attachment to transfer beer without splashing or introducing oxygen.
  4. Capping: Cap each bottle securely using crown caps or swing-top closures.
  5. Aging: Allow at least two weeks for natural carbonation to occur within sealed containers stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

When serving, consider using tulip-shaped snifters to showcase the nuanced profiles created by combining hops and cannabinoids together harmoniously. And always practice responsible consumption to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all involved.

Experiment with Cannabis Strains

Mix it up with diverse cannabis strains, each having its own unique aroma, flavor and cannabinoid content that can profoundly influence the final beer.

Consider using strains known for their complementary flavors to traditional beer ingredients and pale ales such as hops, like fruity strains such as Pineapple Express, Lemon Haze, or Grapefruit Kush, or earthy strains like Northern Lights or Sour Diesel for darker beers like stouts or porters.

  • Sativa-dominant: Ideal for socializing over a few brews, these strains tend to produce more uplifting and energetic effects.
  • Indica-dominant: Perfect for unwinding after a long day, these strains are known for their relaxing properties.
  • CBD-rich: If you want less psychoactive effects but still enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids, CBD-rich strains are an excellent choice.

Remember, everyone's experience may vary due to individual tolerance levels and biochemistry, so sample small amounts of your cannabis beer to gauge its effects before sharing it with friends. Mix and match strains or even blend them together for a truly unique concoction.

Control Dosage

Don't get too high on your own supply - control the dosage of THC and CBD in your cannabis beer for a consistent and safe experience.

Start by deciding on the desired potency and use an online calculator to determine the total amount of cannabinoids needed.

Choose an appropriate infusion method, such as decarboxylated cannabis flower or concentrates, and add them during the brewing process for even distribution.

Label your bottles with the cannabinoid content per serving and start with a lower dose to avoid any uncomfortable side effects.

Remember, responsible consumption is key to enjoying your homemade cannabis beer.

Stay Legal and Safe When Making Cannabis-Infused Beer

Before beginning the creative process of making cannabis-infused beer, it is essential to be mindful of local regulations and limits regarding homebrewing and cannabis consumption.

Make sure to obtain any necessary permits and follow plant count limits if growing cannabis, and always sanitize brewing equipment to prevent contamination.

Store finished products securely away from children and pets, and be cautious about sharing with friends as distribution laws may apply.

By staying informed and responsible, you can enjoy this creative endeavor without legal or safety concerns.

Consume Responsibly

Now that you know how to make cannabis beer, it's crucial to emphasize responsible consumption.

Start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed, since everyone reacts differently to cannabis products.

Label your bottles with the approximate THC content per serving to avoid potential discomfort from overconsumption.

Never drive under the influence of any substance, including alcohol or cannabis, and avoid mixing substances due to unpredictable interactions.

  • Pace Yourself: Take breaks between sips or servings to allow your body to process both alcohol and THC properly.
  • Moderation is Key: Know your limits and avoid binge drinking or excessive consumption of any substance at once.
  • Safety First: Consume cannabis-infused drinks like beer in a safe environment where someone sober can assist if necessary.

Remember, cannabis-infused beer can be an enjoyable experience, but it's important to consume responsibly and prioritize safety.

FAQs in Relation to How to Make Cannabis Beer

Can you brew beer with cannabis?

Yes, you can brew beer infused with cannabis by adding decarboxylated cannabis during the boiling or fermentation stage.

What are the ingredients in cannabis beer?

Cannabis beer typically contains water, malted barley, dry hop, yeast, and cooked marijuana.

What are the steps to brew beer?

  1. Mashing: Mix crushed grains with hot water to create mash and hold at a specific temperature range for enzymatic conversion.
  2. Boiling: Add hops for flavor and bitterness, boil to sterilize and concentrate sugars.
  3. Fermentation: Transfer wort to fermenter, pitch yeast, and allow to convert sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
  4. Bottling/Conditioning: Transfer beer to bottles or kegs, add priming sugars if necessary, and seal for carbonation.

What is the process to make cannabis beer?

The process to make cannabis beer involves adding decarboxylated cannabis during the boiling or fermentation stage of traditional beer brewing.

What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to activate its psychoactive compounds, such as THC. It is a crucial step in cannabis beer recipes.

What are the effects of cannabis beer?

Cannabis beer can produce a relaxing and euphoric effect due to the presence of THC and CBD.

Are there any legal concerns with cannabis beer?

Yes, cannabis beer is only legal in certain states and countries where cannabis is legal for recreational or medicinal use.


Combine your love for cannabis and beer by making your own cannabis-infused brew using the right ingredients, equipment, and techniques. Gather the necessary ingredients, experiment with different strains, and control dosage to create a delicious and potent cannabis beer that satisfies both your thirst and desire for cannabis. Remember to adhere to laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use and consume responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.