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Do you want a vaporizer that can do it all? A vaporizer that also looks good? It’s the DaVinci IQ2 you’re looking for. A dashing successor to a much-loved portable, full of smart innovations. Get ready for some serious brainwork.

DaVinci IQ2 Innovations and improvements

Coming out of the box the IQ2 looks quite a lot like its predecessor. Hold it in your hands and you will start to notice some differences.

Brushed aluminium housing. The brushed aluminium finish looks and feels beautiful. The finish is durable and eye-catching. This is a vaporizer you want to show off.

Variable airflow. Noticed that dial on the bottom of the unit? This is the Air Dial which makes it possible to change the airflow and draw resistance. Play around with the dial to find a sweet spot density and cool vapour.

Dose Control. Using the smartphone app you can record, track and calculate the active compounds of your weed both per draw and session. Want to get high in a very specific way? The IQ2 lets you calculate a maximum dose per session. When you have inhaled the desired amount of THC the vaporizer will let you know.

Important: at the moment the app is only available for Android users.

Concentrate use. You can now use concentrates without making a mess. The included ceramic disc in combination with a piece of cotton placed inside the dosage pod ensures clean vaping of the strong stuff. Place just a tiny bit of cannabis extract on top of the ceramic disc and close the lid. Insert the pod into the oven. Get very high!

Smart Paths vs Precision Control

The Smart Paths are back!  These pre-sets gradually increase the temperature over an 8 minute period.

The IQ2 has four Smart Paths:

FLAVOR: Start temp 176 °C - End temp 188 °C

MIND: Start temp 188 °C - End temp 199 °C

BODY: Start temp 199 °C - End temp 210 °C

REST: Start temp 210 °C - End temp 221°C

Or you can choose precision temperature control between 38 °C and 222 °C.

And let’s not forget…

A number of beloved features of the original IQ make a return, some with a slight enhancement:

The pearl is back to easily adjust the volume of the oven. It’s been redesigned for a better fit and extension.

The boost is activated by holding the control button. The temperature immediately shoots to 210 °C if you want a big hit.

The extended mouthpiece can be used on its own or be connected to a 10 mm bubbler or bong.

The insides of the IQ2 are built with medical-grade parts which produce pure conduction vapour. Your weed never comes in contact with metal, plastic or electronics while the extended vapour path and flavour chamber produce cool and tasty clouds that will keep surprising you.

Dimensions and weight

Weight: 159 gram

Dimensions: 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm

What’s in the box

  • IQ2 dual use vaporizer
  • 10 mm Bubbler adapter
  • Dosage pod (0.2 g)
  • 9 Pieces organic cottons
  • Ceramic extract tab
  • USB Charging cable
  • Pick Tool
  • 9 Alcohol wipes
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
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