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Dr. Dabber Ghost

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Product information

The Ghost is not suitable for herbs or e-liquids, but can only be used for oils and waxy concentrates.

Built from the ground up for low temperature vaporizing, the Dr Dabber Ghost is the most efficient and high quality pen vaporizer for concentrates.

It's fitted with a micro-processor that prevents the coil from overheating, something that happens all too often in cheap atomizers. What's more, the Ghost's atomizer is made of grade 4 titanium that delivers a vast improvement in performance, taste and longevity compared to Ni-chrome devices.

The Ghost pen is without a doubt the best option for enjoying concentrates on the go.

High class, low profile

With its length of 12.5 cm, the Ghost is smaller than the average vape pen and more easily concealed in your hand or pockets. Stylish, but stealthy.

High quality components

The titanium coil and ceramic heat chamber get the job done without overdoing it; quickly and safely. Your materials are vaporized at low temperature and never burnt.

The Doctor is always on call

Boasting a massive 250 hits on a full charge, this is one doctor that's always standing by with your medicine. The one-button activation means it delivers the good stuff almost instantly.


The Dr. Dabber Ghost comes with everything you need to start vaporizing, but a range of optional add-ons and accessories is available. View all Dr. Dabber accessories.

Dr. Dabber Ghost contents

  • Ghost pen vaporizer
  • USB charger
  • Dab tool
  • 'Shatterproof' Silicone ball
  • Instruction manual
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