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Volcano Classic (Easy Valve)

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Product information

Important: The Volcano Easy Valve has been upgraded and the Solid Valve has been discontinued. All functionalities of the Solid Valve are now also part of the new Easy Valve. Azarius only sells upgraded versions of the Volcano Easy Valve.

The Volcano; the holy grail amongst all vaporizers. After three minutes of heating up, it produces the thick, clean and delicious clouds of vapour that give this device its legendary status. The Volcano is mostly known for usage with herbs, but the included oil pads enable you to use it for wax and concentrates as well.

Volcano Classic

The Volcano works with the unique, patented Volcano System technology. Once heated up, it conveys the vapour through a valve into a balloon. When the balloon is filled up, you can detach it from the device. After attaching the mouthpiece, you’re all set to enjoy your vape.

Even though the Volcano has been on the market since 2000, many users and experts still regard it as the best and most professional vaporizer available. The accurate and reliable air temperature control has set the standard for a new generation of home vaporizers.

This vaporizer is made of the highest quality material, produces the purest vapour and is very user-friendly.

We also offer the Volcano Digit.


The Volcano comes with all the equipment you need:

  • 1 Volcano Classic (hot air generator)
  • 4 Easy Valve balloons with mouthpieces
  • 1 Easy Valve balloon with adapter
  • 1 Easy Valve filling chamber for herbs
  • 3 filling chamber clips
  • 1 cap ring
  • 1 normal screen set
  • 1 pad to vaporize liquids
  • 1 Volcano air filter set
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 herb mill

A detailed manual is included.

A three-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.


Download the full English instructions for the Volcano here.

We also offer extra valves, screens and balloons.

Please note: this product has a European plug and works on 220 V only. The plug is not suitable for (among other countries) the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. British and Irish users will only need an adapter plug. US and Canadian users also need a voltage adapter.

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