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Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers fit into your pocket and can be taken anywhere, even to…

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Desktop vaporizers

Vaporizers that deserve a nice place on your living room table. These powerful…

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Pen vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are a subset of portable vaporizers that excel at vaporizing…

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Flame powered vaporizers

Flame powered vaporizers are heated by a flame instead of a battery. The vapour…

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Medical vaporizers

Medical cannabis has proven itself for years and is accepted in a growing number…

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Weed vaporizers

Weed vaporizers are designed to handle your cannabis with the utmost care and…

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Spare parts

Something broke or got lost and now your pricey vaporizer is just gathering…

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Vaporizer accessories are items that aren't mandatory to keep your vaporizer…

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Water tools & bubblers

Enhance your vape experience with a number of glass water tools and bubblers.…

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Top 10 portable vaporizers

The 10 absolute best vaporizers as picked by the Azarius staff. Looking for the…

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Browse our selection of vaporizers and all related accessories by brand name.…

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Find a great vaporizer deal in the Azarius refurbished category. What is a…

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Vaporizers under €100

All vaporizers under €100 in one handy category. Want to find that best buy…

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Vaporizing is done mostly to release essential materials present in cannabis and other herbs without at the same time inhaling those toxic elements that are released with smoking.

A suitable vaporizer for every need

Azarius offers portable and non-portable vaporizers (often called table top or desktop vaporizers) in many different shapes and price ranges. If you'd like to be more discreet, take a look at our pen vaporizers.

Azarius store in Amsterdam

And if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, why not visit the Azarius vaporizer store? Our friendly staff is always happy to help you find what you need, plus you can try out a vaporizer in our very special Vape Lab.

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