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MDAA is a herbal energizer with all natural ingredients. Some even dare to say that it's a great alternative to MDMA. Pop one to three caps, and feel a nice, warm, energetic rush washing all over you.

MDAA is a great formula for having a fun night out, bonding with friends, or just adding some extra happiness to a special occasion - without having to deal with a comedown afterwards. Is this going to be your go-to natural MDMA substitute?

Just take one to three pills with a glass of water or orange juice, one hour prior to the desired effect.


  • Vitamin B3
  • Lepidum Meyenii
  • Methyltheobromine
  • Chromium (III)
  • 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid
  • Guarana extract
  • L-tyrosine

One package contains 6 MDAA pills.

Warning: do not combine with other stimulants. Don't use while pregnant or nursing.

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Customer evaluation for "MDAA"


  • + Has an effect
  • - Allergic-type reaction

My face and neck go all red and prickley, even with just 1 pill and no alcohol. Would recommend trying in a neutral environment in case they don't agree with you.


I took 3 at once, it was like after a cup of coffé


    • - Aucun effet

    Zéro effet, dans la description on parle de '' MD'' naturelle... Rien à voir avec la MD...


    It made allergy, my legs and densely my joint areas (knees and elbows) were incredibly red, couple of hours later the redness passed but my body reacted to those pills


    Sure, this stuff is fine. Took 3 caps, and i definitely felt a nice headrush and became more talkative. However, I still think that products like gold tush and dance-e are waaay better party formulas than this one.


    Ne gaspiller pas votre argent, je ne sais pas s'ils font tester leur pilule avant ou s'ils attendent d'avoir des retours positifs, mais de se coter la le travail pour moi n'a pas été fait. J'ai pris qu'une gélule, car j'estime que je paye le prix des 6 et que pour moi ça doit faire effet avec une sinon c'est l'arnaque. Je vais essayer ephor-e et dance-e mais j'ai peur que se soi pareil, nul. Ça donne plutôt envie de se tourner vers les vraies drogues.

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