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Triple X

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Triple X will give you an energetic, euphoric, erotic rush (because did you really think the XXX on the package stands for Amsterdam?) These Peruvian ginseng (maca) fueled caps can be described as an energetic love formula, and is best enjoyed in an intimate setting, together with your special someone for an amazing, X-rated night.

Just take one to three caps one hour prior to the desired effect with a glass of water or fruit juice.


  • Theine
  • Chrome
  • Nicotinic acid
  • Peruvian ginseng
  • 2-sulfoethylamine
  • Paullinia cupana
  • L-tyrosine

One pack contains 6 Triple X caps. 

Warning: do not combine with other stimulants. Don't use while pregnant or nursing.

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Efficacité du produit subjective. Ça m'a donne un petit boost énergétique comme quand on boit un RedBull et c'est tout. Pour une nuit classé x ça dépendra plus des participants que ces pilules.

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