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SLICE | Psychedelic and relaxing herb blends

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SLICE produces a variety of herbal blends compressed into compact bars. Each SLICE blend has a unique recipe containing exotic herbs and concentrated herbal extracts that make for a relaxing and mildly psychedelic tea. SLICE bars vary in terms of their psychedelic or relaxing effects depending on the herbal mix so we recommend you experiment with different blends to find the ones that are just right for you. Buy your favourite SLICE bars directly at Azarius smartshop, kick back, put your feet up and just enjoy the melodies.

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Blackadder is an herbal blend with which you can brew a delicious, relaxing tea. Let the everyday stress glide away and enjoy a quiet moment alone. Or, share it with…

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Jo-Burg High is an exquisite mix of plant extracts and essential oils, an all-natural relaxant and effective aphrodisiac in the form of a compact bar. Contains Wild dagga and damiana…

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Magic Thunder is a unique herbal blend in the shape of a compact bar. The synergy between the main ingredients kratom and salvia provide a subtle and pleasant high.

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The Power Spice is a compressed slice to brew a relaxing and mildly psychedelic tea with. Add a little colour to your day and take a cup of SLICE Power…

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Trance Sensation is a potent herbal solid bar made from 100% natural psychedelic herbs and herbal extracts and packaged in a handy compact box that fits in your pockets.

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