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Voacanga (Voacanga africana) seeds

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Voacanga africana is a small tropical tree, the bark and seeds of which contain voacangine and voccamine, which are chemically related to ibogaine. In Africa, this tree is used for its stimulating, aphrodisiac and psychedelic effects.

The seeds may take a few months to germinate.


Hallucinogenic and aphrodisiac.

Voacanga africana - Usage

Eat 50 ground seeds for a mild trip. At higher dosages, there may be unpleasant physical side-effects.

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Voacanga (Voacanga africana) seeds Questions


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Customer evaluation for "Voacanga (Voacanga africana) seeds"


2 pakjes gekocht:

Eerste pakje:
Eerst 40 zaden. Geen effect na 20 minuten. Nog 20 zaden, totaal 60. Allemaal goed en lang gekouwd en met water doorgeslikt. Geen effect.

Tweede pakje:
In een keer het hele zakje, 95 zaden. Weer goed gekouwd. Heel licht effect, beetje duizelig, wellicht placebo, niks aangenaams. Misschien heb ik wel te hoge weerstand tegen dit soort dingen, maar het was het niet waard. Gelukkig niet heel duur.


These seeds are hot candidate in treating opiate-cravings properly, very similar to ibogaine. only 8 seeds chewed and swallowed with water seem to operate on the mind. it's a subtle process not only reducing cravings but with a effect that you somehow feel more authentic and have more introspection into your feelings. Kratom also reduces cravings but it only sedates without longlasting healing properties but Voacanga seem to do really healing.

But voacangine is somewhat toxic, causes rapid heartbeat, excitement, little nausea and affects the mind by creating a dreamy state with loss of rationally based functions. ibogaine is said to be not effective but this was a campaign of pharma-industry - it is effective.


Lieferung ergab keine Probleme.

Die Samen wuchsen auch, allerdings waren die
Sprösslinge sehr schwach und kamen mit den Temperaturen
nicht so gut zurecht.

Die Einnahme führte zu einem lustigen Kribbeln,
etwas Übelkeit und leichte Euphorie, klang aber schnell ab.


50 semi non sono sufficienti!
Effetti: rilassatezza effetto febbre, lievi allucinazioni visive, breve cambiamento d'umore.
Effetti negativi: mal di stomaco, mal di testa, ansia, sapore dei semi amaro.



with 50 seeds some very good introspective abilities, stimulation from non-Speed and non-Caffeine type, strange long moving thoughts. Very good, but be careful, at high doses its toxic.


Könntet ihr noch eine Anzuchtsanleitung auf eure Seite stellen?
Besonders die Keimung ist ja recht schwer.
Ich hab es bis jetzt leider noch nicht geschafft bei einer Voacanga.
Die würde sich aber echt gut neben meiner Tabernanthe Iboga machen.


took the whole packet (10 grams ), didnt taste that bad but few hours later found myself in a heavy poisoning. Mouth was dry like on a nightshade, rapid heartbeat, extreme vertigo, impossibility to give correct answers or understand questions that people were asking, difficulty in speech and a disturbed sleep, duration was very long.


Einfach nur Super diese Samen voll die schönen visualen und euphorischen Effekte


Tambien llamada "la coca de africa"
en caso de intoxicacion por sobredosis puede provocar convulsiones, paralisis, bloqueo de la respiracion etc.
La dosis baja es de 2 a 5 gramos de corteza de la raiz seca, comida o bebida en te.
Una dosis visionaria media alta de 8 a 10 gramos o como mucho 11 o 12 gramos para los mas rellenitos.
Duplica la fuerza muscular y la resistencia.
las plantas alucinogenas de Luis Otero Aira


quiero creer que me ayudara

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