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Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) extract 4:1

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The Brazilian herb Muira puama (Ptychotepalum oladoides), also referred to as Murapuama, is mostly known as an aphrodisiac and strong libido increasing herb. It has been used in Central and South America and in Europe for many centuries as a sexual aphrodisiac and passion intensity enhancement which also increases performance.

Muira puama is employed around the world today in herbal medicine. For example its helps to keep your joints loose and can help in stressful situations because it tones, balances, and strengthens the central nervous system.


Boil 2 - 3 grams in 250 ml water for 15 minutes to get one cup of tea. Mix with yohimbe or damiana for a strong, erotic and high effect.

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Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) extract 4:1 Questions


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Customer evaluation for "Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) extract 4:1"


Eine empfehlenswerte Mischung ist muira puama, kanna uc2 und kolanuss. Dies alles in Kapseln gefüllt und ungefähr 3-4 miteinander eingenommen ähnelt sehr dem Gefühl von Extasy.


Ma recette: mettre 5 à 10 Grammes de 4:1 dans 1 Litre de rhum, ajouter 2 à 3 rouleaux de cannelle, 4 bonnes cuillères à soupe de miel, laisser reposer minimum un mois dans un endroit sombre en remuant une fois pas jour, d'une c'est super bon, et de deux l'effet est garanti...

!!! attention !!! pour vous mesdemoiselles, ne pas en abuser car l'effet "fluidifiant sanguin" de la muira peux vous provoquer des règles anticipées et abondantes.


We boiled about 2 table spoons or more of this suff for appox 10-15mins and drank. I suggest to make the tea small, we had like 0.35l each cup and it was quite nasy and bitter. Felt like too much of work drinkin it, from now we do it like expresso-- very concentrated.

After 1/2h this stuff kicks in, and it is better to not to eat too much before.
This stuff prolly won't make you horny, if you are not excited, but it certainly will make your skin more sensitive. It is great for looooooooong foreplays that women need to really open up.

It works.


esto esta padrisimo no me puedo quejar...


Die Qualität ist sehr gut, ich habe das Pulver während einer einwöchigen Fasten zeit in Verbindung mit Maca und Guarana eingenommen (Maca und Guarana nicht mitkochen, sondern anschließend zum Tee geben (je zwei TL) )
Folgen : Energieschub ohne aufgeregt zu sein. Anschließend habe ich 20 km Lauf-Marathon bewältigt und hätte eigentlich weiterrennen können. Nur zu empfehlen!


eu acho esse produto muito bom alem de melhorar no sexo,tambem ajuda com o stress e em muitas outras coisas.
é só isso.

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