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Maca (Lepidium peruvuanum)

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Maca (Lepidium peruvuanum) or Lepidium meyeni has been an important traditional food and plant in Peru for the last 2000 years. The plant grows between 13,000 and 14,500 feet above the sea level on the high Andean plateaus of Peru. This plant can only survive in extremely cold areas with a relatively poor soil.

Although it has been cultivated outside the Andes it is not yet clear whether these roots have the same constitution and effects as the original Andes maca root.

Maca root is an extremely nutritious food. The plant is high in minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc), sterols (6 found), and contains up to 20 essential fatty acids, lipids, fibre, carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids. Maca is an energizer and potency enhancer. The sweet, spicy dried maca root is considered a delicacy. The Peruvian government has done great investments in scientific research to prove positive effects.


The nutritional value of dried maca root is high, similar to cereal grains such as rice and wheat. Positive effects of the plant such as stimulating and increasing sexual performance could be due to this high concentration of proteins and nutrients.

Reports from Peruvian educational and scientific institutions have showed significant (120-200%) increases in sexual endurance, physical stamina, adaptability to stressful situations and an increase in both the number and activity of spermatazoids (sperm). Although, this information has not yet been thoroughly reviewed or studied much outside of Peru.


Maca powder can be excellently used in smoothies, nut milks, malts, cakes, juices, chai tea, or baked goods. But to benefit from its qualities, mixing maca with hot or cold water is just as fine. In the Andes, as much as a pound of fresh and/or dried maca root is eaten as food on a single day. In herbal medicine; powders are generally recommended at dosages of 5 - 20 g daily.

Store in a cool and dry place and avoid excessive exposure to heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

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Customer evaluation for "Maca (Lepidium peruvuanum)"


9.400 a 10.200 metros de altitude acima do mar no Perú?
Vê-se que não são bons em geografia!
Como confiar num produto que nem a origem está correta?

9400 to 10200 meters above sea level in Peru?
It is seen that aren't good at geography!
How to trust a product that not the source is correct?

You are right, it should be FEET instead of METRES. Our writer has clearly never visited the Andes region. Thanks for the info!


Excellent complément à prendre dans un verre de jus, un thé, un smoothie, une pâte ..... Et efficace !!


molto buono,ricorda davvero il sapore del tubero,mi sembra quasi di essere a casa mia,è un po difficile da sciogliere nell'acqua,io preferisco metterla sotto la lingua e farla sciogliere piano piano,un ottima bevanda comunque se mescolata con acqua.
da davvero un senso di sazietà e aiuta a svegliarsi meglio che il caffe,senza pero rendere nervosi


The taste is good, just mix it with passion fruit juice in a shaker. Then drink it fast.
Good healthy food


mixed it with red strong wine and it was doable


The tast is indeed horrible, what to do about this....thats the big question. Pills are also there but expensive and in small amounts, 3 grams per pill...


Tastes really discusting, makes me wanna throw up. Does anybody knows a way to make it more barable? I will post a revieuw when I found a way to use it every day without throwing up


Makes me feel strong and awake.

I used it with Chai tea, the taste is good, however it doesn't seem to really dissolve completely in boiling water.

Any other tips which makes taking this stuff a bit more pleasant?


Ich nehme jetzt seit einem halben Jahr jeden Tag morgens und abends einen TL in Tee, und ich muß sagen, mir geht es hervorragend, das zeug wirkt auch erst in paar wochen.

Ich bin fitter, brauche kein Schläfchen mehr mitten am Tag, und ich hab mehr Lust.


Ik vind het nogal raar smaken.. maar het effect heeft zeker zijn sterren ;)


très riche en protéine, ça cale bien en tout cas dans un chocolat chaud. le gout n'est pas mauvais faut juste savoir apprécier.

c'est pas le même goût que le caramel c'est vraiment particulier.

ah oui pis c'est réellement aphrodisiaque!
un peu cher mais c'est bien! thX azarius


Malgré le gout de la poudre qui est spécial(pas très bon!), c'est un bon produit naturel.

je préfère les gélules


It's real good. Good taste , like caramel.


Ik ben nu ruim een week bezig met elke dag ongeveer 5 a 10 gram te consumeren, voornamelijk 's ochtends door de thee. Ik ben wel erg tevreden met het resultaat. Heb veel meer energie, is niet te vergelijken met hoe dat eerst was, ook de nachtrust is enorm verbeterd en ja, je libido neemt goed toe, zacht uitgedrukt. Je voelt je gewoon zoveel fitter. Ik denk dat dit permanent in mijn dieet blijft!


Vooralsnog beloofd het waarvoor ik het gekocht heb. Ik heb meer 'zin' in sex én de erectie is ouderwets hard zonder rare bijverschijnselen zoals viagra dat wel heeft (bonzend hart, hoofdpijn, blozen) Dus ik ben dik tevreden en mijn vriendinnen ook.
Groet van een man van 48 jaar.


me sentia cansado y con mucha fatiga y ace una hora me tome un vaso de maca y ya ciento mucha energuia y con mas animo esta muy buena


I started eating maca root recently and have been very happy with the results. I have felt an increase in energy and overall feel healthier than I have in a long time. I'd suggest this to anyone.

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