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With this EZ test for GHB, you can easily and quickly discover how high the quality of the GHB is.

The popularity of GHB has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, leading to a ban on the sale of certain precursors that are needed to make this substance. As a result, you could be buying untreated GBL, an industrial chemical that is used as a sticker remover.

Ingesting pure GBL can be very dangerous to your health. EZ Test for GHB enables to quickly identify the presence of GHB in a sample. It does NOT react to GBL.


  • One step (single use) tests
  • User-friendly
  • Results within seconds
  • Highly reliable and consistent
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No dangerous liquid reagents

EZ Test for GHB - Usage

1. Open the ampoule with test reagent

2. Insert sample

3. Let ingredient mix

4. Observe colour reaction and discard

An information sheet, colour charts and extensive instructions for use are included. Download the EZ-Test user manual.

Only a small piece of your pill or powder is necessary to perform the test.


Available per single test vial or pack of 5 tests.


The EZ test can only give an indication of the substance in a sample. Therefore, a 100% guarantee cannot be given nor assured. If you still have doubts about the ingredients of your pill, have your pill tested by an official agency. No right or claims can be derived from using the EZ test.


Always read the instructions, don't use force to open the ampoule.

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    • - IMPRECIS

    EZ-Test GHB :
    Aucun tableau de couleur pour déceler des produits dangereux. Le feuillet contient seulement une barre nuancée de vert auquel cas il s’agit effectivement de GHB. Dès lors qu’en est-il si le mélange donne du vert tellement foncé qu’il ressemble plus à du noir (ce vert n’est pas repris dans la barre de nuances) ? Test effectué 4 fois sur échantillons différents. Jamais rien eu de concluant. Manque total de précision.

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