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EZ Test Ecstasy

ARI-003341 EZ Test


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This EZ-test reveals, within minutes, whether a pill contains Ecstasy (MDMA), or one of the following adulterants: DXM, 2C-B/C/I, 4-FA, DOB, DOI, Methylone, Butlylone, Naphyrone, Meth, Amphetamine, opiates.

As a result of prohibition (and strict precursor regulations), XTC tablets often contain substances other than MDMA. Many of these adulterants can cause nasty side effects such as nausea, anxiety, loss of sleep or in the worst possible scenario, death.

EZ-Tests are quick and simple test kits that can tell you whether a drug contains the desired substance. It's an effective tool in identifying adulterants and other potentially dangerous substances often found in street drugs.

  • One step (single use) tests
  • Super user-friendly
  • Results within seconds
  • Highly reliable and consistent
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No dangerous liquid reagents

EZ Test for Ecstasy - Usage

1. Open the ampoule with the test reagent

2. Insert sample

3. Let ingredient mix

4. Observe colour reaction and discard

An information sheet, colour charts and extensive instructions for use are included. Download the EZ-Test user manual.

Only a small piece of your pill or powder is necessary to perform the test.


Available per single test vial or pack of 5 tests.


The EZ test can only give an indication of the substance in a sample. Therefore, a 100% guarantee cannot be given nor assured. If you still have doubts about the ingredients of your pill, have your pill tested by an official agency. No right or claims can be derived from using the EZ test.


Always read the instructions, don't use force to open the ampoule.

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Customer evaluation for "EZ Test Ecstasy"


Dont bring this product on the airplane in the aircraft luggage area. I think my tests froze down and didnt work anymore. Havent tried it at home yet though.


  • + Benötigt nur wenige mg der Substanz
  • + easy
  • + Schnell & einfach
  • - Resultat Liste hat andere Farben

Man muss sich die Resultat Liste von EZTEST herunterladen um die richtigen Farben und mehr Informationen zu haben.


  • + easy
  • - none

pretty easy to test, also very quick


super produkt! in 2 minuten weiß man, ob mdma oder etwas anderes in der pille ist.

was den preis angeht, so bin ich der meinung, dass die paar euro für seine gesundheit gut angelegt sind!


Ik heb denk ik niet het goede product ontvangen. Het zat wel in een verpakking voor een EZ ecstasy test, maar wat er in zit lijkt totaal niet op het product van de foto, alleen een raar glazen ding zonder opening waar een ander raar plastic dong omheen zat.

[ Azarius: de productfoto toont een generieke EZ test verpakking en ampul. Dit kan afwijken in enkele gevallen. Geen zorgen, je hebt dus wel het juiste product ontvangen. ]


Very expensive and way too little liquid inside for testing.
One of the ampules broke inside the packaging!!!

This company should not exist! Sadly I only found the eztests available here in Europe...

[ Azarius: We regret your unpleasant experience with this product and would like you to contact us with your order number so we can replace the one that broke or work something out. Hope we can help! ]


Sorry aber was ist das für ne frechheit. Früher gabs den Tet für nen 10er mit welchem man rund 150 tests machen konnte. Einfache Schwefelsäure Formaldegydlösung. Jetzt plötzlich kann man nur noch 2 Tests machen. Die Preiserhöhung liegt also bei ca 80 fach. NEVER !


ik ben best blij met de handigheid van deze test (makkelijk en geen bijtende shit op je vingers als je het verkeerd doet :) ) maar wel erg schraal van ez-test dat ze die potjes niet meer verkopen.. ik betaalde voor een potje 13 euro en kon daar ontzettend veel testjes mee doen deze zijn eenmalig voor de rest topproduct


Very good test indeed. The instructions included speak for itself and the video posted on azarius make it that easy that I have no idea how you can do this wrong.

I tested my pills within a minute.

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