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Bactrex (Biotabs)

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Product information

Bactrex contains a blend of natural, 100% organic soil bacteria for the root system area. Using a solution of 1 gram of Bactrex per litre of water you can ensure your young cuttings or seedlings have a fertile soil in which to rapidly grow into healthy plants.

Bactrex contains 8 different bacteria, mould of the genus Trichoderma and humic acid.

Bactrex usage

  • 1 g per litre of water for cuttings and seedlings.
  • Soak the pot with a solution of 1 gram of Bactrex per litre of water.
  • Use enough of this solution to wet the surface layer of the potting compost completely.

About Biotabs

Biotabs are a scientifically proving new growing method, based on organic soil fungi and bacteria. With easy to use products for every step of the cultivation process, beautiful and healthy plants are all but guaranteed. Big Roots, Big Fruits...Big Yields!

Try the complete Biotabs starter kit and get all the nutrition you'll need for up to 10 plants.

About Bactrex

Bactrex is a dry, water-soluble powder with a large number of beneficial soil and root microbes (including 6 strains of Bacillus spp.), fungi (Trichoderma) and actinomycetes. These ingredients are specially selected for their favourable effect on soil structure and fertility. The specialized root bacteria are “packaged” in soluble Yucca extract and organic catalysts to guarantee rapid colonization and growth in the root zone.

Bacteria are single-celled micro-organisms that depend on carbon (energy) from other systems for their survival. A select group of bacteria have specialized in obtaining energy from the fine uptake roots of plants (dead root cells, residual organic materials, etc). Rhizobacteria (root bacteria) increase the solubility of the minerals P, K and Ca. They bind atmospheric nitrogen and increase the availability to the roots of the fertilizers present. They also work as so-called mycorrhiza helpers. They prepare the way for mycorrhizae to develop in the root system. The bacteria in Bactrex are specially selected, cultivated and packaged to help growers promote the health and resilience of their plants.

In addition to the beneficial soil bacteria, Bactrex also contains various effective strains of Trichoderma. Trichodermas are species of fungi that have the characteristic of living at the expense of certain other fungi, including fungi that cause diseases among some plants. For this reason, Trichodermas should always be used as a soil treatment or immediately after sowing or planting so that they can consume these specific fungi before they cause disease. Research has shown that the combination of Trichoderma and mycorrhizae combines the advantages of both.


Keep cool and dry. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for consumption.

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