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Relax pack

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It's time to unwind!

With this unique Relax Pack, you'll feel at peace in no time. Four relaxation products for a special price. Take a load off.

The Relax Pack contains

Heavenly-E contains mitragyna speciosa extracted from Southeast Asia's kratom leaves. This herbal relaxant ensures you can unwind and feel perfectly at peace even after the most stressful of days.

For centuries Valerian root has been known for its relaxing and calming qualities. It can be used as a muscle relaxant and mild tranquillizer.

Sai Baba Nag Champa is the most popular Indian incense in the world. The natural ingredients, herbs, resins, spices and masala are blended to perfection to create a soothing floral aroma.

Algerian Blend induces a relaxed and mellow feeling. When used in large amounts it gives an opium-like high.

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