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The mushroom grow kit Easy contains all you need to easily grow your own mushrooms at home. In three easy steps, you will prepare a ready-to-grow cultivation box. Once the grow kit has been set-up, all you need to do is add water once, place it in the grow bag and wait for the shrooms to grow.

  • Ready-to-grow in 3 easy steps
  • Minimal set-up time: 3 x 5 minutes
  • Grow multiple harvests
  • From start to harvest: 6 weeks
  • Yield: 300-450 g fresh Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms
  • Available with multiple spores

Mushroom variants

B+: has the potential to produce enormous mushrooms that can easily reach 30 cm or larger.

Cambodia: Discovered near the famous Angkor Wat temple. Suitable for beginning cultivators, easy to cultivate and produces predictable yields.

Thai: These spores fruit, grow and colonise fast. The mushrooms will not grow very tall but do get quite thick. Psilocybe cubensis Koh Samui is very resistant to contaminants and makes an excellent choice for beginners.

Ecuador: Many beginning cultivators choose this strain for its reputation as forgiving and easy to work with. It produces medium to tall (majestic looking) fruits, dense white stems, and a classic “nipple” in the centre of each cap.

Growing shrooms, the Easy Way

The Easy grow kit is based on the ready-to-grow cultivation method. One of the great advantages of this method is that you will only need to water the cultivation box once, instead of every day.

By using a layer of perlite on the bottom and moist vermiculite on top of the cultivation box a water buffer for the mushrooms is created. The grow bag with microporous filter patch allows contaminant-free gas exchange but keeps humidity in, providing the perfect environment for mushroom growth.

Another great advantage of the Mushroom Grow kit Easy is that it uses a Mushbag with 425 grams sterilized rye. The Mushbag has a special air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with the spore syringe.

Innervisions grow kit collection

Innervisions has over 15 years of experience in the production of mushroom growing products. Below you can find an overview of their complete mushroom kits.

For more information about Innervisions products, see

Mushroom grow kitsEase of useMaintenanceYieldWater supply
Ready-To-Grow     400-600 g Once per yield
Easy     300-450 g Once per yield
Master     1000 g Once per yield
Basic     300-450 g Daily

Grow kit instructions

Download the full English grow kit manual.

More information about growing magic mushrooms at home and grow boxes can be found on Mushplanet.


Mushbag with 425 g sterilized rye, spore syringe (5 ml) Psilocybe cubensis, cultivation box (750 ml), grow bag with air filter, 200 ml vermiculite, 400 ml perlite, alcohol swab, 2 paper clips.

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Customer evaluation for "Mushroom grow kit 'Easy'"


sadly spotted some kind of green fungus when about 1/4th of the substrate was colonized. threw it away not to contaminate my growing area with spores so i can't comment on the final result, but everything was included in the package and it was working nicely up to the point of contamination

this was done in a sealed growing tent (ventilated twice daily) in a room away from kitchen area and bathrooms and other places where you would typically find green fungus spores. i advise cleaning your entire house with bleach before using this kit, shower and put on clean clothes before going anywhere near it, use gloves sterilized with alcohol, ... fungus spores are everywhere


  • + Clear and precise instructions.
  • - Grow bag is a terrible fruiting chamber.

This product was a 10/10 up to the point where I had a completely colonized substrate in the grow box.
The grow bag has multiple problems as a fruiting chamber. It's got horrible airflow which allowed green mold that killed the children. Also that's a minor thing but the moisture drips down the walls of the bag and pools under the box. At one point you have so much water out of the box you need to mist (which is not included in the manual) after pinning.
I would still recommend this kit because otherwise it's pretty complete but instead of using the box and the bag, build a shotgun fruiting chamber.
If you don't, you could get only one or even no yield at all.


It's been 4 weeks and my mycelium doesn't colonize at all.


  • + Colis propre et discret
  • + Envoie discret pas d’ouverture indiscrète par
  • + Notice en français téléchargeable sur le site
  • - colis incomplet!

Colis reçu à l'heure, mais il manquait les trombones, la compresse pour désinfecter, et l'autocollant... Rien de dramatique en soi mais quand même...


Really easy kit to use, made the mistake of leaving the top vermiculite layer over the substrate once I transferred the substrate into the cultivation box. Definitely recommend removing the majority of this top layer once the substrate has been totally colonised again in the cultivation box provided with the kit.


  • + All the necessary items to grow
  • - Guide can be a bit confusing

It's a wonderful little kit. Does the job well!
I can't think of any drawbacks. As my first attempt was a success.
Except for one thing which was a bit confusing
Followed a localized version of the guide in Dutch.
I think the guide needs to be a bit clearer for complete beginners.
because it confused me a couple of times a someone whom never grew mushrooms before.
Like this sentence (there were a few more hiccups but this is the only one I remember that really confused me)
" afgieten
Open na 12 uur voorzichtig één hoek van de
kweekbak en giet het overtollige water af."

One could interpreter it as only the water on top. Or all the water visible in the container(water that hasn't been soaked up) Left me in doubt, but I decided they likely mean all the water that's not soaked up. Worked out in the end. But yet that kinda made me doubt if I was doing it alright.

[Azarius: afgieten means 'to pour off', in this it says: carefully open a corner of the kit after 12 hours and carefully pour off excess water. Hope this helps.]


  • + All the necessary items to grow
  • + falcom
  • + Really easy sucess on first try :D
  • - falcom

to meditate more better


  • + All the necessary items to grow
  • + Really easy sucess on first try :D

    I followed the instructions and everything went well :P


    • + All the necessary items to grow
    • + Colis propre et discret
    • + Envoie discret pas d’ouverture indiscrète par
    • + Kit complet mais notice en EN
    • + Notice en français téléchargeable sur le site

      Colis reçu très rapidement, le service clientèle est super; les réponses aux questions se font très rapidement. Mon kit a été malheureusement contaminé, Azarius m'a proposé un autre kit mais j'ai été remboursé car je suis dans l'impossibilité de recommencer un autre kit car je serai absent.
      Donc je recommande fortement Azarius pour son service et ses produits de qualité. :)


      • + All the necessary items to grow

        Not their fault, but I am a little confused about an instruction in step 4 'Incubate'
        It says 'Make sure that the filter is free from the back of the bag' I am a little confused, what filter? Is the Filter the white strip on the bag? Should I just tear that off?

        [Azarius: The filter on the bag is indeed the white stripe, please don't remove it.
        Try to make sure that the filter is clear so it can filter the air that goes through it. Good luck!]


        • + All the necessary items to grow

          Perfect execution of instructions and perfect cleanliness but however the grow box became infected with the other fungus.


          • + Colis propre et discret
          • + Envoie discret pas d’ouverture indiscrète par
          • + Kit complet mais notice en EN

            effectué exactement les phases comme indiqué sur la notice mais dernière phase ratée, la pousse n'a pas prise, alors que le micellium était au max!! en lieu et place de champi, j'ai eu des moisissures! :-( argent perdu, client déçu.


            • + Colis propre et discret
            • + Envoie discret pas d’ouverture indiscrète par
            • + Kit complet mais notice en EN
            • - Colis recu au bout de 20jours ,dommage

            Colis recu 3 semaines apres mais le colis tres conforme , facile a installer , pousse en 1 mois et 15jour , peu d'entretien , conseil de telecharger la version pdf en francais juste au dessus pour la notice , recolte de 400gr , Si vous cherchez un bon trip je conseille b+ ou thai .


            • + Envoie discret pas d’ouverture indiscrète par

              Nickel ;) sympas le cadeaux des feuille a rouler Pourquoi pas ^^ je vais pas me plaindre
              je suis satisfait je m'attendais aun kit plus gros mais sa va il est de taille moyenne
              reçus 12/09 et commandée le 06/09 donc une bonne semaine j’espère juste ne pas avoir fait de bêtise attention tout de même a l’ouverture de la seringue en effet j'ai sans faire exprès enlever l'aiguille créant donc une brèche dans la stérilités quoi qu'il en soit j'ai refermer la seringue ilico presto et en faite il suffit de tournée l'aiguille j'ai donc injecter les spore en suivant la procédure
              Attention la notice est en anglais très bon l’équipe d'Azarius a répondus a tout mes e-mail
              de colis bien emballée que demande le peuple de plus ??
              Bonne journée a vous je vous tien au courant si il y a eu des séquelle...
              Peace ;)


              Bought one pack, something went wrong and mycelium didnt grow as it should.
              The azarius team were trying to help me solve the problem but it didnt work as it should. Then they sent me a NEW pack for compesation and it works brilliant, takes a little more time than expected but works great! Thank you azarius 5 stars rating!


              Il kit è arrivato in pochi giorni (in Italia), purtroppo manca il libretto di istruzioni che però si puo' trovare online!


              Bis jetzt kann ich nur über die Lieferung berichten, Montags überwiesen und Donnerstag um 13:00 die Ware erhalten. Bis jetzt scheinen die durchwegs positiven Kommentare der Wahrheit zu entsprechen ;)


              Surprisingly fast shipment to Austria - ordered on a Friday, got the package without any complications on Thursday. Well done!

              Kit is now installed, extremely simple to handle and easy description; results will be commented when the time comes. For now, I'm perfectly satisfied.


              Envoyé hier (lundi 13/10/15) reçu aujd en livraison express DHL. Excellent super content plus qu'a attendre que le substrat se mette à la température ambiante et incuber ^^ THANKS


              Sent yesterday receved it today, fast shipping excellent sneak package I'm very happy. now just wait for the substrate gets the ambient temperature and incubate it ^^ THANKS


              My first order unfortunately didn't arrive but after writing an email a new package was sent again and within 5 days it was here already. Everything was nicely and discreetly packed and now I just have to wait for the results.


              I have ordered in total 2 kits over the time with these specific spores, For some reason the colonization usually halts for a little time a little ways into it then start growing like there was no tomorrow.

              Harvested 4 flushes of extremely potent mushrooms which weighed in at approx 6-15g each fresh, for a total of about 30-40g bone dry ones.

              As for potency, I can honestly say I have never had this strong specimens.
              That which normally is medium for me, suddenly shot me straight into oblivion.

              I know the potency can vary hugely, but I dare almost claim that these were more powerful than the wild P.Semilanceata we sometimes hunt.

              I give applause, a salute for you and I will return.



              Ich bin leider schwer enttäuscht von dem Ding. Meine ersten Zuchterfolge hatte ich schon vor 10 Jahren und glaube, dass ich auch durchaus ein Händchen dafür habe. Das Mycel wollte aber einfach nicht wachsen, trotz 23° Grad Umgebungstemperatur, völliger Sauberkeit & Sorgfalt. Zuerst dachte ich, möglicherweise ist das Baggy verunreinigt, aber nein. Selbst nach 6 Wochen wächst in dem Beutel nichts. Kein Schimmel, kein gar nichts und sicher kein Mycel. Schade. Bei Azarius bekam man eigentlich immer gute Ware. Bin nun woanders fündig geworden.


              One Week delivery to Sweden. Great Service

              Will try grow as soon as possible. I will then post a review of trip and growing later on.


              I followed the instructions to the letter. It took a little longer than expected for everything to kick off but they eventually grew but a lot were ingrown. Ate them anyway and holy hell they were potent and well worth the wait.

              The second flush is on it's way up now and looks a lot more normal than the first so I am expecting a much better yield this time which will be awesome.

              I'll post again after my second flush but based on what I've experienced so far I would recommend this product.


              Well I had a problem with the first kit as you can read on my previous review, I sent an e-mail to azarius team and they are awesome, always ready to help you, I think they are one of the best online sellers you can found.

              The second kit I had was a bit slower that the instruction, it takes around 2 months to grow up and still growing but now I having the first flush, It's awesome and really easy to set ;)


              yes I followed the instructions it is a long time to wait about six weeks from ordering the mushrooms to eating the mushrooms,

              I injected the bag and put it back inside the box it came in and that box inside the box it was posted in then I put a thermometer inside the box and put it on top of the radiator I adjusted the radiator so the temperature inside the box was 28 degrees celcius .

              I used an aquarium to fruit the mushrooms and put the thermometer in the aquarium adjusted the temperature so it was 21 covered 80 percent of the aquarium put water in the aquarium and made sure the mushrooms had enough air ,

              watch my video

              after about 10 days small mushrooms started to appear no there are about 30 small mushrooms.

              it was a long wait and I thought they would not grow but they did ,

              pick them before the cap opens and throw out the spores as this makes the mushrooms weak as they use their energy to make the spores and disperse them

              good luck and thanks to azarius for sending me a kit that works,


              Realy Easy Handling, 1 1/2 Month after i got them, they were ready to harvest. The Effect is WoW, so Hardcore nice, i love them!!!

              Einfach Handzuhaben, 1 1/2 Monate als ich sie hatte, habe ich richtig gute Erfolge zu melden. Der Effekt ist unbeschreibbar, einfach geil, ich liebe es !


              super schneller versand. per sofortüberweisung morgens bestellt und am nächsten tag schon da. echt super. diskret verpackt und alles wie in der artikelbeschreibung!!! jederzeit gerne wieder. XD LG peace


              :) nice nice nice. i love this shop


              I just received it yesterday and I noticed a very small hole in the mushbag which i covered with a small piece of tape. I'm afraid of a contamination of the bag (it is the first time I do this), so how I am supposed to know if it is contaminated and what would be the consequences ?


              servus zusammen

              die growanleitung war hilfreich, allerdings nur für optimale bedingungen!
              nach ca 2,5 monaten und ein paar anpassungen hab ich richtig geile erfolge zu vermelden!
              probiert habe ich die natürlich noch nicht .... aber wenn sie ausgewachsen sind kommt noch ein flashbereicht ;)

              für den shop 5 sterne
              bald bin ich in amsterdam dann komm ich mal bei euch vorbei ;)




              Erst mal vor weg ein dickes DANKE für den super Kunden Support !!!

              Die Bestellung ist reibungslos abgelaufen und der Versand ebenfalls!!!

              danke azarius !!! weiter so, ihr seid unschlagbar !!!


              Ihr seid ja richtige Freaks! Bester Shop, super Service, Sicherer und Schneller Versand einfach nur Top.

              Danke! Macht weiter so.


              J'ai suivi les instructions à la lettre, ma seconde récolte est en train de pousser.
              J'ai trouver la culture amusante, et point le plus important: les effet des Psilo m'ont bien plus. J'ai pour l'instant pris de petites quantités, pour des hallu sympa mais pas trop envahissantes. Montée en 1h30, effet durant 3h.

              A NOTER : Il vaut mieux être sur de réunir les conditions de culture et surtout d'avoir le temps, car de la seringue au champignon, il y a un bon moment! A noter aussi, perso, le misselium a mit beaucoup plus de temps a croitre que prévu. Les champi beaucoup moins.

              I followed the instructions, my second crop is now growing.
              Cultivation was fun. and most important point: the effect of Psilo were good. I have so far taken small quantities, for hallucinatory nice but not too invasive. Increase in 1:30, effective for 3 hours.

              NOTE: It is better to be sure to bring the growing conditions and especially to have the time because from the syringe to the fungus, it is a long time! also has the mycelium took longer to grow than expected. The fungus much less.


              Spritze war bei mir verstopft was zur Folge hatte das ca. ein funftel der Sporen verloren ging als ich die Kanule durch druck frei machte. -.-*
              Ansonsten bisher alles okay.


              Colis reçu en parfait état, après 8 jours d'incubation forte croissance de mycélium.

              Posterai au fil de l'évolution ;-))


              Deze zijn heftig echt een aanrader de eerste oogst was al voldoende om voor 4 personen 6 uur lang te trippen.


              Wow... die Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell !!! nach injezieren der Sporen dauerte es zwar gefühlt lange ( 5 Wochen ) bis die ersten Ecuadorianer schlüpften ... aber denn konnte ich täglich mit riesen Freude beobachten wie Sie größer und größer wurden !!! wenn mann nach Anleitung vorgeht und sauber arbeitet , bekommt man wunderschöne große - viele Pilze aus dem Kit !!!!!! bin gespannt auf den ersten flash.... noch ist die erste Ernte am trocknen !!!!


              übrigens !!!!!!!!!!!! Azarius , Euer Service ist Top !!!!!!!!!! E-mail beantwortung in deutsch und super rasch !!!! zudem nach misserfolg der 1. Box ( grüner Schimmel ) kostenloser Ersatz und super Endergebnis im Endeffekt !!! Danke !!!!!! Ihr seid spitze ... was sollten wir ohne Euch machen ????? :-)


              super schnelle Lieferung (3 tage nach Zahlungseingang)

              eben angesetzt :) freu mich schon auf das Ergebnis ;D


              Ich muss sagen, ich hätte nicht geglaubt, dass das alles so funktioniert, wie es in der Beschreibung stand. Im Prinzip ist es idiotensicher. Konnte leider "nur" 180g frische (=18g trockene) Pilze ernten, das lag aber daran, dass ich mein Mushbag nach dem ersten Flush (der war absoluter Hammer) sehr stark strapaziert habe (Umzug, kurzzeitig in der Kälte, geschüttelt etc.) - war also meine Schuld. Ich werde mir diese Box 100% ein zweites mal auch kaufen. Danke vielmals! Meine Freunde sind auch alle hin und weg, aber mehr vom Produkt als von der Box. ;)


              wow die waren gut mit sowas hab ich nicht gerechnet !


              bestellung abgeschickt , 2 tage später waren sie da :)) suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper !!


              ja het is nu al anderhalf week nadat ik de box in de zak heb gedaan.
              en het is nu nog steeds een witte spinnenrag op de bodem.
              hoelang gaat het duren voordat ik shrooms krijg?

              [Azarius: na ongeveer 2 - 3 weken verschijnen de eerste paddenstoelen]


              I recommand to buy additional perlite and vermiculite, I had enought mycelium to create 3 boxes.


              this one is easy to grow and it is also a good choice
              tis is a very calm trip beautiful colours(closed eye visuals) ... and all types of tunnel visions i also came in a sort of triangle tunnel ... at the end of the tunnel there was a buddha and he was very calm i also saw in the dark a purple with black jimmy hendrix very beautiful this is a very good product (i made some tea this time from some dryed shrooms but i also ate them but the tea was more pleasant in '' my opinion''

              greets everyone have a good trip one this shrooms!!!


              hab das zwar nie gekauft, finde aber, dass das eine viel sinnvollere investition als
              eine mycelium box is, da man sich das (nicht alles aber vieles) grundwissen
              für die pilzzucht aneignen kann um dann auch weiterzugrowen :)


              hey heiko
              kann ich pls den link zu der anleitung haben ??
              bravo azarius, versand war super ;)


              facile et rentable se kit vous fera plaisir


              Wahnsinn, Leary wäre stolz ;-)
              [email protected]


              Alles prima gelaufen. Schneller Versand. Leider war die beiliegende Anleitung auf Englisch. Aber war eh kein Stress man konnte es auf der Homepage als Pdf Downloaden.
              Macht weiter so!


              VERY good 4 the starter, fast and safe delivery (as always). best choice for completly self-growers, although i woud reccomend complete beginners to start with a mycelium box (where the hardest part is already done). would also recomend you to buy a terarrium heating matt from a petshop to keep temperature constant & warm.


              In het begin was ik wel even zenuwachtig nadat ik de gebruiksaanwijzing doorlas, er wordt gigantisch gehamerd op steriliteit. Maar ik heb deze getrouw opgevolgd, en eigenlijk kan het dan niet fout gaan. Schitterend, heads komen nu de grond al uit na slechts 4 weken! Heeft die bloedhete zomer toch nog een positief effect achtergelaten, blijkbaar vindt de Cubensis dat juist lekker! 4 sterren, want een kant- en klare myceliumbox is wel wat makkelijker. Goed product verder Azarius, ben benieuwd naar hoeveel flushes ik eruit haal, en de effecten!

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