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Our selection of Magic Mushroom grow kits is sure to meet every grower’s expectations. Choose from a large variety of spore syringes and prints. All the equipment and accessories you need to ensure an abundant harvest.
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At Azarius, we’ll be able to help you find the magic mushroom grow kit that best suits your needs. Whether you’re just starting out as a grower or already have considerable experience cultivating your own magic mushrooms, we have all that you’ll ever need in store. Some of our kits come with everything included while others require spore syringes or spore prints to complete the set. Browse our selection and use our handy and complete growing manuals to guide in choosing the kit that’s just right for you. Most of our grow kits are available with the psilocybe cubensis B+CambodiaGolden Teacher and Ecuador strains.


Each of our grow kits comes with its own comprehensive growing manual, detailing every step you need to take to ensure a bountiful harvest. Most of our kits are comprised of a sterilized substrate, water-absorbent layers for easy daily maintenance, a tailor-made mush-bag and of course, the spores of your choice. Our Basic grow kit is the main exception, with its unsterilized substrate and required daily care. This option is reserved for advanced growers who love to tinker with moisture levels and enhanced growing techniques. Learn more about how to grow magic mushrooms like a professional on our encyclopedia page.


This grow kit is for advanced users only and comes with only the most basic of materials. The Basic grow kit is available in B+, Cambodia, Golden Teacher and Ecuador strains. The Basic grow kit also uses the rice-flour cake method (PF Tek) to create a substrate but requires daily care and watering. You’ll learn how to sterilize your kit before adding water and injecting the supplied spores. Check your precious babies daily to make sure they’re properly moisturized. In 6 weeks’ time you’ll have about 400 grams of fresh magic mushrooms, ready to be harvested. After harvesting, fill your kit with cold tap water and the spores dropped by your latest batch will soon be ready to germinate. The Basic grow kit is also available without spores (Basic Ohne).


The name says it all: simply slide the grow kit into the supplied bag and Bob’s your uncle. The moisture content of the kit has been set in advance and the bag has been designed to regulate its evaporation. Make sure your kit can do its thing without being exposed to direct sunlight and after three weeks: soon you’ll have about 500 grams of mushrooms, ready to be harvested. Filling the now harvested kit with cold water reboots your kits and allows for consecutive harvests. This kit is ideal for growers mainly interested in quick, hassle-free results and is available in B+, Cambodia and Golden Teacher strains.


A step up from the Ready-to-grow kit is the Easy grow kit, available in B+, Cambodia, Golden Teacher and Ecuador strains. The kit uses a sterilized rye substrate and a mush-bag with an integrated air filter. The kit has a perlite layer at the bottom and vermiculite layer at the top of the kit to retain water and ensure correct levels of moisture. This set-up only requires you to water the kit once and after you’ve injected the spores, it’s a waiting game. After 6 weeks you’ll have about 400 grams of mushrooms and the new spores generated by your shrooms make sure that this is a kit that keeps on giving. The Easy grow kit is also available without spores (Easy Ohne).


The Master grow kit is similar to the Easy grow kit but comes with an extra-large cultivation box. You’ll also be required to buy your spores separately which provides advanced users with the option to choose their own spores and still benefit from low-maintenance sterilized rye substrate and absorbent layers of vermiculite and perlite. This grow kit, therefore, needs to be watered only once and will provide a whopping yield of about 1 kg of magic mushrooms. Naturally, your master grow kit can be rebooted by adding cold tap water.  Browse our extensive range of spore prints and syringes to see which magic mushrooms you feel like ‘mass-producing’.