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Kratom Maeng Da (Mitragyna speciosa)

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is indigenous to the lush rain forests of South East Asia, specifically Thailand and Malaysia. Its large oval leaves grow on tropical trees often reaching over 15 meters in size. Many different alkaloids have been identified in kratom herb, but the substance mitragynine is the most important, causing a paradox of effects: it both stimulates and sedates.

The name Maeng Da loosely translates to ‘pimp grade’. Suffice it to say this is a higher quality type of kratom, hand selected in Thailand for its strong effects. The smell is strong and the leaves are very green in colour.

Kratom Maeng Da effects

Main effects are stimulation, euphoria and sedation. Lower dosages are said to provide more stimulation while at high dosages the dreamy, sedative effects become more pronounced. Additionally, it’s been reported that kratom acts as an aphrodisiac.

Of the different varieties, kratom from Thailand has the strongest energizing effects. Maeng Da can be seen as a high quality Thai variety and as such is the most potent variety currently on offer.

The effects come on within ten minutes and last for several hours.

Preparing Maeng Da for consumption

There are different ways to consume kratom. Traditionally the leaves are ground and eaten, usually followed by drinking warm water, tea or coffee. Kratom powder can also be used in a milkshake or with honey for extra flavour. Leaves can also be made into a tea, or a crude resin extraction can be made.

Dosage is recommend at 1 to 2 grams.


For more information about this interesting plant, read our kratom encyclopaedia page or visit


Do not to participate in traffic or other activities that demand your concentration. Usage of kratom in high dosages may be mildly habit-forming. Acute side effects include dry mouth, loss of appetite and constipation. Side effects from long term use include weight loss, insomnia, and a darkening of the skin, particularly on the cheeks. Do not combine with MAO-inhibitors.

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Customer evaluation for "Kratom Maeng Da (Mitragyna speciosa)"


  • + This is the cure!
  • + Works for almost ANYTHING
  • - Like drinking a cup of VERY bitter sand

works to relieve pretty much any kind of stress; body, emotional, everything from joint pains, muscle soreness, pain from injury, or if you just wanna relax for an evening. I about 7,5 grams per cup, this gives me (also my girlfriend) a very nice and calm mood, mellow if you will, a very nice and soft high, which can be a bit overwhelming when being in a busy environment, so just put on some music and a few candles. It also adds a whole new dimension to our sexual activities as well! Like the commercials; stimulating for her, lasting longer for him or whatever, while it doesn't make me feel numb, if anything it makes it more sensitive, but I can go for hours with this stuff. Only side effects I've noticed is that I have to pee a lot after, but that's probably because I gotta take it with some extra water to wash away the nasty flavor


  • + Don't hesitate, this really is the cure
  • + This is the cure!

    Forget Ibogaine, this is the cure. 5g in a 2mug cafetiere serves as green tea with a pleasant woody fragrance, and by day three you are back on the right road with minimal symptoms. Subtle anti-anxiety lifting effect halos for days thereafter and you can cut down to ever other day, then once a week. Genuinely impressed, this is everything kind folks said it would be. Doubles as an appetite suppressant if you are coming off of tobacco too, no binge eating compulsion! Obviously you still have to want to quit, and in this, maeng da tea is your quiet friend reminding you it was always a choice, you just forgot because you were having fun.


    Premier essai 2gr et estomac vide en thé, léger effets sans plus. Deuxième essai avec 4gr en thé et estomac vide, effets un peu plus présent mais c'est pas encore un truc de fou. Montée très légère (ce que j'aime bien), relaxation avec la musique et détente, pas ressenti d'énergie. A teste quand même, le cerveau peu avoir du mal à comprendre ce qu'il doit faire la première fois apparemment.


    • + Angenehme Wirkung
    • + Keine Nachwirkungen
    • + Keine Nebenwirkungen
    • + Körperlich erholsam-energetische Wirkung
    • + Seelisch-Entspannende Wirkung

      Sehr gut! :D Gute Qualität und angemessener Preis :)


      • + effetti stimolanti e divertenti
      • - difficile da bere

      Consigliatissimo, ha effetti stimolanti e euforici per la prima parte della giornata, nella seconda parte della giornata invece ha effetti soporiferi, riposerete tutto il pomeriggio sul divano e non riuscirete ad alzarvi neanche con le cannonate,
      Super consigliato per un esperienza divertente e rilassante,
      Unica nota negativa è il saporaccio, la polverina non si scioglie in acqua e rimane aspra e con un sapore acre, terribile!


      This kratom is absolutely great! I took a dose of 1,5 gram in tea and felt really nice, energized, buzzing and dreamy at the same time. Would definitely recommend!

      However, I did feel some discomfort in my stomach the next morning. I also felt slightly more agitated than I normally would. I think this was caused by the kratom, as I didn't combine it with anything else (duh).


      J'ai fait une infusion avec 2g , (et meme plusieurs infusion avec les meme feuilles) et sa ne ma rien fait, je crois qu'il faut mettre la dose quand on est habitué au cannabis


      • + Angenehme Wirkung
      • - Übelkeit

      Habe nun schon mehrere Sorten und Extrakte ausporbiert und dieses ist mit Abstand das Beste!!!! (Mixt es in einen Bananen Shake!!)


      Sehr gutes Preis/Leistungsverhaeltnis.
      2 gr. in 350ml Kakao gemischt (loest sich trotzdem nicht auf, aber kriegt man leichter runter, als in Wasser) und stundenlange Wirkung.
      Zwar konnte auch etwas Honig den Eigengeschmack nicht mindern, aber mit einem Kaugummi liess es sich aushalten.
      5von5 gerne wieder


      Quality different from last time then 4 star now empty 1,5 bag before something happened and after a short sleep after disappointment headache like .... First time 1 gram .... and felt good :) . so different sendings....

      I am not alone in this a friend said the same who tried both. And yes 2 months in time since I used it last.- so dependence no!


      First time had a small amount (~1gram) felt somewhat relaxed, could have been a placebo effect however. Also tried smoking it, didn't smoke or taste well. A week later I tried a larger portion, ground up in a tea. Initially a feeling of sleepy/relaxed came over me.

      About 45min to an hour later I started to feel a unpleasant feeling in my stomach. After eating some food the uncomfortable effect went away and some slight relaxation feeling, although still not worthwhile for the price.


      I've taken a few different types of Kratom, and so far really liked the effects I got from all of them, until I tried this Maeng Da Kratom. I only took 1 gram with some orange juice because I am quite sensitive and usually don't need much to get the full effect. Unfortunately it made me very jittery and nervous. I couldn't sit still and even though it gave me heaps of energy, it wasn't the 'clean' and relaxed kind of energy-boost I usually get from Thai Kratom. About an hour after taking it, I went to the grocery store, but had to leave quickly because I became very agitated and annoyed with the people around me. Thankfully for me: the effect only lasted about 3 hours.

      Maeng Da Kratom
      Pros: Gave me lots of energy, only needed a tiny amount

      Cons: Made me very jittery and agitated (but this shouldn't be the same for everyone, since most people have a different reaction to each type of Kratom)


      Hartstikke leuk spul, maar mijn lichaam kon de combinatie met x niet echt waarderen.


      Pris 1,5 g deux fois dans un thé , effet énergisant au début puis relaxant pendant 2h , le gout est pas bon mélange avec du miel un conseil.


      Kratom hat definitiv eine berauschende Wirkung. Ich würde den Rauschzustand als etwas schwächer und geistiger beschreiben im Vergleich zu Cannabis. Nicht psychisch gefestigten oder heranwachsenden Menschen würde ich von Kratom abraten, da ich den Rausch als recht "kopflastig" empfand. Die Gedanken werden doch ein wenig umgeordnet.

      Sowohl im Vaporisator als auch als Tee ist einen Effekt spürbar. Als Tee werden ca. 2 Teelöffel pro Tasse benötigt und 2 Tassen sollten ausreichen. Beim Vaporisieren tritt ein Effekt schneller und mit geringerer Dosierung ein.

      Die Nebenwirkungen des Krauts sind auch nicht zu vernachlässigen, so kann es doch zu einem leichten "Kater" kommen. Am stärksten empfand ich aber die Hautverfärbung, die einen "krank" Aussehen lässt, obwohl man sich nicht so fühlt. Diese verschwindet aber auch wieder recht schnell.

      Die Gefahr einer Suchtentwicklung kann ich bestätigen und würde diese noch höher als bei Tabak einstufen.


      work very good for me , rly like it. Amazing mix with some alcohol :D

      [ Azarius: Please note that we never recommend mixing (smart)drugs with alcohol. Stay safe guys! ]


      Finde es sehr gut zum relaxen...was ich bemerkt habe als Mann bei hohem Konsum von Kratom bekommt man schwierigkeiten beim Wasser lassen habe bisher noch nirgens von dieser Nebenwirkung gehört vielleicht geht es ja nur mir so ansonsten super Zeug.Ein stern abzug da der Körper sehr schnell eine hohe Toleranz davon aufbaut.


      Trocknet die Schleimhäute ein, darum negativ

      würde ich nicht mehr kaufen.

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