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Uvuma-omhlope (Synaptolepis kirkii)

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Uvuma-omhlope (Synaptolepis Kirkii) is a bluish-green shrub with striking porcelain white roots. Kirkii is traditionally used by the Zulu and Xhosa to induce spiritual visions, trances and dreams. The roots of the Uvuma-omhlope shrub contain a potent neurotrophic called kirkinine. Neurotrophins are a family of proteins that induce the development and function of neurons.

Ubulawu dream herbs

Uvuma-omhlope is one of the so called ‘Ubulawu’ dream herbs. This is the name associated with a series of plants from Southern Africa that are used for visions and vivid dreams. It is believed one can communicate with the ancestral spirits and gain special insights and answers through use of the Ubulawu herbs.

Uvuma-omhlope effects

There has not been extensive research into the workings of Uvuma-omhlope, but based on traditional use and user experiences, the effects are very similar to African Dream Root (Silene capensis). Uvuma-omhlope encourages mental clarity and very deep dream states. Some report prophetic visions and profoundly spiritual experiences when using this dream herb.

Usage / preparation

Uvuma-omhlope is traditionally used by the Zulu and Xhosa as an ingredient of a sacred root infusion. It is taken just before going to sleep, to aid in generating spiritual dreams.

This product contains root powder which can be used to make tea. Threshold dosages vary from person to person, but reportedly as little as 300 - 400 mg is sufficient to provide the sought after effects. You may however need to experience a little to find a dosage that works for you.

Add the powder to hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Drink this 'dream tea' about an hour before going to sleep. The taste is rather bland, so sugar or another sweetener may be necessary.

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Customer evaluation for "Uvuma-omhlope (Synaptolepis kirkii)"


  • + The lucid dreams are very realistic
  • - Small wooden peaces in the uvuma.

It worked excellent! The lucid dreams were very realistic (so don´t forget your reality check)! And I had a few lucid dreams in the night one after another.

My personal dosage was about 430g. I took it only once a day 1 hour before going to sleep. I drank the tea and ate the brew (both tasted well). It took me 5 days before lucid dreams began.

The white brew is soft. But there may be a few small wooden peaces in the brew, So be carefull and don´t swallow them.


ho fatto molti sogni durante l'uso di questa radice ed anche se non ne ricordo chissà quanto ho avuto come dei messaggi onirici molto chiari che gli ho accolti come consigli per accrescermi e migliorarmi. Gli effetti sono presenti anche da sveglio si può percepire infatti uno stato mentale molto pacifico e sereno quasi come ci si sente quando si fa un bel sogno, ho avuto anche una connessione più profonda con il mio essere che mi ha permesso di riscoprirmi come persona.
Sono rimasto molto soddisfatto :)


  • + Geschmack

    Keinerlei wirkung


      • - Geen effect

      Tweede droomkruid die ik via Azarius geprobeerd heb. En weer niks....
      Tweemaal geprobeerd. Eerst met de aanbevolen dosering, inmiddels met meer dan vijf maal de aanbevolen dosering. Maar volstrekt geen enkel effect. Geen buzz, geen dromen, helemaal niks.... Teleurstellend....


      • + Geschmack
      • + Wirkt!

        Sehr nettes Kraut! Hatte schon mehrere Traumkräuter, aber keins hat annähernd so gut gewirkt wie das hier!

        Bei 200 Milligramm hat sich schon am ersten Abend, beziehungsweise in der ersten Nacht eine Wirkung eingestellt.

        Ich bekomme sehr klare und oft auch wirre Träume, an denen es viel zu analysieren gibt :D

        Konsum ist auch kein Problem, habe es einfach in Kamillentee gerührt.

        Kann es nur weiterempfehlen!

        Frohes Träumen! :)


        Cette herbe est juste incroyable! Au départ, je l'avais commandée pour rigoler afin de faire plus de rêves lucides. Alors pour ma part, pas de rêves lucides, pas vu le saint esprit non plus lol MAIS: ça m'a complètement guéri mon insomnie!! Je m'attendais à tout sauf à ça, en effet je suis insomniaque depuis 1 an suite à un gros choc dans ma vie, j'ai TOUT essayé: somnifères, valériane, pavot de californie et j'en passe.. Cela fait 1 an que je ne dors que 3 heures par nuit en moyenne. Quand j'ai consommé cette herbe pour la 1ère fois il y a 10 jours, je suis allée me coucher, j'ai fermé mes yeux vers minuit et les ai ré-ouvert le lendemain matin vers 9h, j'étais estomaquée, je n'en revenais pas!!! Ca fait maintenant 10 jours que j'ai retrouvé un sommeil normal, profond, réparateur et le matin je suis EN FORME. Merci à mère nature!



        Mede Dromers,

        Ligt het aan mij of lijkt 3 gram poeder zo weinig?
        als je zoals voor geschreven 300/400mg gebruikt per nacht haal je er 8 porties uit ongeveer.. lijkt zo weinig minder dan een theelepeltje.


        It's a very interesting drug if someone likes to explore the personal dreams more deeply. If you can't get lucid dreams on your own it can help you to start with it.

        **This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team*


        I would try it in a different setting. Possibly at a club it with some friends. It gave me a pleasant head buzz that would be nice to try out when I'm not going to sleep.

        *This review is brought to you by the Azarius Test Team*


        The first night I took 400 mg before bedtime. After an hour I woke up after a clear and vivid conscious dream experience. Then I could not fall asleep.
        The second day I took 500 mg after lunch and 500 mg before bedtime but the night nothing significant.

        The third day I took 300 mg before bedtime. Inside the end of the night I wake up after a pretty intense experience. Then I go back to sleep and begins an exciting experience. Something very real, fully controlled, fascinating. This was an exhilarating experience. Exceptional !


        Gisteravond geprobeerd. Aangezien de smaak erg 'neutraal' is hoefde ik er geen smaakjes aan toe te voegen. Ik heb 300 mg in water wat van de kook af is gedaan, en dit een kwartier laten trekken.

        langzaam opgedronken 2 uur na het avondeten.

        Ik heb inderdaad gedroomd die nacht , redelijk helder, en werd wakker zonder bijwerkingen.


        good third eye stimulating herb, especially on repeated usage, but a bit expensive.


        Mes rêves ont étés beaucoup plus clair ces derniers jours. J'ai pu communiquer avec des personnes de ma famille et mettre le doigt sur certaines choses du passé. Des nuits très spirituelles et d'autres méchamment actives, pleines d'aventures. Je ne conseille pas forcément aux personnes enclins aux cauchemars, un ami à moi n'en a pas garder de très bons souvenirs. Il m'est arrivé, pendant ces rêves, certaines mésaventures angoissantes mais on peut quasiment toujours contrôler. Les effets d'augmentation des rêves (et/ou de leur clarté/souvenir) des plantes de cette rubrique sont pratiquement tous annulés avec l’association de cannabis. A utiliser dans un but méditatif ou psycho-nautique mais à éviter si recherche d'une défonce quelconque.

        Merci la team azarius !


        This stuff works great!

        I've tried Calea Zacatechichi, which did nothing for me but taste horrible.
        I've used Silene Capensis which works great, but takes a few days to set in.

        But Uvuma-omhlope gives strange dreams the night i took it. Multiple "episodic" dreams filled my night, which left me curious the morning after
        Besides, it has almost no taste (tastes like wet paper). For me 300mg works fine, which makes it 10 Otherworldly trips for 6,50€.

        A definitely must try ;D

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