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Cannabis seeds staff picks from our Amsterdam crew! A handy selection of the very best strains as selected by our dedicated team of cannabis lovers. The Azarius seal of approval is the only approval you’ll ever need!

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Staff picks

Staff picks, basically our favourite cannabis seeds. A handy selection of the very best strains as selected by our staff.


We love weed, ganja, pot, hash, maryjane, grass, cheeba, the Green Goddess, the cure, the sticky icky at Azarius. We are based in Amsterdam, the world capital of cannabis, which means that our staff knows the menu's of the local coffeeshops by heart. The chronic has no secrets for us. Our practical expertise in combination with the accumulated knowledge of local growers, seed banks and coffee shops makes our staff into real cannaisseurs.

At Azarius sell over 1000 different cannabis strains. This can be quiet overwhelming, especially for the first-time grower. Our staff picks presents a handy selection of cannabis seeds as picked by our trusty employees. As we are a mixed bunch with different personalities and tastes so you will find a diverse selection of strains.

From undeniable coffeeshop classics like AK-47 and Super Silver Haze to a local powerhouse like Early Skunk and tasty strains like Cookies Kush. These cannabis seeds have our personal seal of approval when it comes to growth, potency, aroma and effects. If it's not good enough for us, it's not good for you! Now get ready to grow.


Some of these seeds are not sold at our shop in the Kerkstraat (Amsterdam). Every seed brand page has more information on availability.

Cannabis seeds are sold as souvenirs only and are not intended for cultivation or resale. Cultivation of cannabis is prohibited by law in many countries. All sales are made on the condition that the products will be used in compliance with applicable laws.