BloggSmoking or vaping? Your New Year’s resolutions just got updated
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Smoking or vaping? Your New Year’s resolutions just got updated


With 2019 still fresh and brimming with energy,  it’s time to get our act together and start making good on those pesky New Year’s resolutions. When you are as serious about cannabis as we are, now’s the time to step back a little and see if you can make the most out of your preferred herb. We all have that one know-it-all friend that’s been badgering us to give up on our expertly crafted joints and get with the times.  So let’s settle the question once and for all: should you be smoking cannabis like your forebears or get one of those nifty vaporizers?

At any rate, there are sound arguments for inhaling cannabinoids rather than ingesting them. Cannabis edibles are fun but they are also wasteful in that our body is usually hell-bent on keeping as much of these foreign invaders out of our bloodstream as possible. To make matters worse, both THC and CBD are hydrophobic, meaning they refuse to stay in our watery bloodstream for long and tend to just dissipate into our fatty tissues as soon as they get the chance. Smoking or vaping cannabis is a reliable shortcut to get those valuable cannabinoids directly from your lungs to your brain.

That being said, will we be vaping or smoking in 2019?

As curative and enjoyable as smoking some medicinal substances can be, any herb - including cannabis - will create toxic byproducts when burned. While we’re on the subject: try and refrain from huffing too much of that winter campfire smoke if you possibly can. Vaping cannabis involves applying heat to the buds without actually allowing them to combust, which is why cannabis vapour is much less unhealthy than cannabis smoke. Vaporizers don’t produce smoke but rather a pleasant, smooth and somewhat cool vapour which your lungs will definitely thank you for. An added advantage to vaporizers is the ability to use liquid concentrates, oils and waxes which open up a whole new range of possibilities for the seasoned cannabis aficionado to explore.

Smoking your cannabis actually means just that: the majority of your buds literally go up in smoke. THC and CBD are just as happy to choose the great wide open than attach themselves to your brain receptors. Vaporizers, on the other hand,  produce just enough heat to extract the cannabinoids of your choice and deliver them safely to you with only a few of them wandering off to do their own thing. Vaping your cannabis is therefore not only easier on your lungs but also on your wallet. As different cannabinoids become gaseous at different temperatures, vaporizers offer you a whole new way to enjoy your favorite herb.  Most vaporizers allow you to choose a vaping temperature which means you can select the cannabinoids you want to specifically extract while not activating others. Managing your high becomes a matter of pushing the right button, freeing you up to just enjoy the ride.

The plot thickens but your vapour stays thin, smooth and clean: indoor vaping is generally a much better idea than indoor smoking in terms of keeping your cushions, drapes and clothes relatively odour-free. Connoisseurs will appreciate the fact that vaping weed becomes a whole new experience as each temperature setting allows for a different experience.  If discretion is important to you, you can’t go wrong with some of those shiny sleek vaporizers that just blend in with your pens and pencils.


So are we saying you should just ditch your joint, bid adieu to years of carefully cultivated rolling skills and go electric? Not really.  Sometimes getting your vape’s temperatures just right may feel like you’re putting in too much of an effort so you should definitely smoke your cannabis when the mood strikes you. After all, the tactile sensation and craft of rolling a joint is something we should all treasure. For the most part though, transitioning to vaping seems like a sound idea and the reasons are plenty: health benefits, efficiency, customisability, odour, taste, you name it...Vaping seems to have an answer to every downside to smoking out there.

So what would suit your fancy?

Here at Azarius we are dedicated to finding a vaporizer that’s just right for you and we carry all the prominent and niche brands out there. TopBond sets the bar when it comes to quality and durability at very reasonable prices. Looking for that discrete on-the-go vaporizer? Linx has a range of vaporizers that resemble  exclusive pens and offer a highly reliable vaping experience. On the more exclusive side of the spectrum, the on-demand Ghost MV1 comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a luxury vaporizer and allows you to easily switch between temperatures in the blink of an eye. Other brands, such as DaVinci, lead the way in terms of customizability with their impressive range of accessories and add-ons. You could also explore the magical world of DynaVap, known for their intricate, high-quality mechanical vaporizers that require an external torch lighter. Take a look at what’s on offer in our Azarius webshop and make a bold step towards a healthy, enjoyable and frugal 2019.

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