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Azarius quizzes

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Knowledge matters

Knowledge is important, especially in our scene. You wouldn't want to mistake a vaporizer for a bong and ruin the delicate electronics with water, ingest cannabis seeds hoping to get stoned or use a fertilizer tab in your dishwasher.

Pop quiz!

Thus, the brilliant minds behind Azarius have come up with an exciting (and hopefully fun) way to test your grey matter: a quiz!

What is a quiz?

We're glad you asked!

What most people don't know is that the modern quiz wasn't invented until 1892. It was Baron Ernst-Shubert von Popquizzenheim III that first came up with the idea of posing a series of questions to unsuspecting strangers, for no other reason than the fact that the internet wasn't available back then and he was bored out of his mind.

Baron Ernst-Shubert von Popquizzenheim III

A rare picture of Von Popquizzenheim popping a quiz. He also introduced the art of smoking bubbles but did not live to see it catch on, having died of massive soap poisoning.

Ernst-Shubert would hide in the shrubbery near the main road and jump out shouting 'pop quiz heißkopf' (later mistakenly quoted in the movie Speed as 'hotshot'). The baron would then throw a number of devious questions at the bewildered traveller, testing his knowledge of completely useless trivia about the mating habits of the Mongolian land shark or the complex inner workings of cottage cheese high society.

News of Von Popquizzenheim's eccentric behaviour spread like wildfire and soon people from all over the country were travelling the roads near his massive estate, hoping to be quizzed by the baron. It started to bore him, however, and Ernst-Shubert had moved on to his new project: hyena wrestling. But that's a story for another time...

Azarius quizzes

Question mark

The Azarius Quiz™ is not as gruelling as the original quizzes back in 1892. In fact, our quizzes are designed to be the opposite of school exams: short, fun and without the need to memorize a 500-page book on quantum mechanics. Cheating is also allowed. The Azarius quizzes are even multiple choice, so even if you have a doctor's handwriting you can participate.

The purpose of our quizzes is to provide equal parts light-hearted entertainment and education. The difficulty is aimed at newbie and intermediate psychonauts.

At the end of the quiz, you'll be given a score. And maybe, just maybe, you'll also have learned something new. Or maybe you'll still be shoving those oral supplements into another orifice entirely.

The important thing is we're trying.

Quiz overview

Each quiz focusses on a different theme. Pick a topic that suits you or challenge yourself with something outside of your comfort zone.

More quizzes will be added regularly. Check back later or keep an eye on the Azarius front page, our Facebook page or sign up for the newsletter.

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