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Quantity discounts at Azarius

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At Azarius we are happy with every single customer. Of course it becomes true love when you buy a lot of products. This in turn requires a nice gesture from us: buy more, pay less. If you order a certain number of the same product we reduce the price per unit.

How do discounts work?

Do I have to calculate these discounts myself? Of course not! On the product page at the right you will find the pull down button Discounts

quantity discounts step 1

When available you can click on this button and the following menu will appear:

quantity discounts step 2

There you have it! A list of four preselected quantities and there corresponding price with the percentage you save. Just order the desired number of products and the price will be adjusted automatically.

Which products have discounts?

Depending on the type of product or category we offer three to four discounts on almost all herbs, seeds (including cannabis seeds), cultivation sets and spore syringes. Bongs and grinders probably will not have discounts, since we don’t expect people to order three bongs in one go.


Pretty clear, right? Order a larger amount; pay a lower price a piece. So try it out or visit our magical FAQ page which will answer all your questions (with the exception of the meaning of life and the winning lottery numbers.)

Are you at least 18 years old?

To visit our webshop you must confirm that you are at least 18 years old.