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My Psychedelic Summer photo contest

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Update: the contest has ended - view the winning pictures below!

Take a picture, win awesome stuff

At Azarius, we love psychedelics. We eat psychedelics for breakfast, talk about the stuff all day long and generally live and breathe for those amazing moments of expanded consciousness. But unfortunately moments have a tendency to pass and become blurry memories.

That's when we had a brilliant idea: take a picture, it'll last longer!

Photo contest

Take a picture of your favourite psychedelic summer moment, send it us via social media with a fancy #meandazarius hashtag and we'll pick three winners every week in August.

Your picture can be just about anything Azarius or psychedelics related. Maybe you're enjoying a bong by the swimming pool, maybe you're in the middle of the forest enjoying some of the finer things in nature with your friends, or partying like crazy on a great music festival - almost anything goes!

Each week you can win one of three prizes: first prize is € 100 store credit, second prize € 25 store credit and the third prize is an Azarius T-shirt. The weekly winners will be announced on our Facebook page and below on this very page.

Feel free to send us multiple pictures each week! The contest runs until 31 August, 2015.

The rules

Azarius doesn't like rules, but I think we can all agree we'd rather not see a pen vaporizer in your best friend's butt crack. So to save us all some headache, please mind the following:

Weekly winners

Week 1

First place: R. Hagens

Second place: P. Laysn

Third place: F. Bauer

Week 2

First place: N. Schmitz

Second place: @pandamymla

Third place: D. Johansson

Week 3

First place: Pk Nonyme

Second place: A. Base

Third place: @profeta988

Week 4

First place: S. Visser

Second place: A. Gefjun

Third place: K. Hollywood

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